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I figured I'd write something to help people since I haven't, pretty much ever. So okay, this is a fairly simple event system to give you the illusion of skills. To understand this, think Fallout, where you have things like Lockpick and Science. if your Lockpick doesn't equal whatever, you can't pick a certain door. This is for something like that.(NOTE:You should have a basic understanding of events and variables to do this)
First off, open up an event. Ill use science as an example for a skill, so as to hack a computer. Now, create a new command. Then, in a text box, which is the first command, type "Hack terminal?". That's not really required, but it helps the aesthetic i guess.

Now after that, click Show Choices as a command, which is the second button. And make one of the choices something like '(Science50+)Hack Terminal', and the other 'Leave it Alone' That step is also not required, but It makes it, better, for lack of a better word.

After those formalitys,open up a Conditional Branch, 8th button. on the first page of the Conditional Branch, tick 'Variable', and in the little box the right of it, click the arrow. You'll get a list of variables you can use. Anyone can be used, it doesn't matter, But use 1 for the tutorial. At the bottom of the list type in the variables name, which doesn't matter, but it helps to name if after the skill it represents, so I recommend to name it Science

Once you've named the variable, click ok, and your back at the conditional branch. You'll notice that under where it now says '0001 : Science' there is another box. The box should say 'Equal To' Click the arrow for the dropdown meny and click 'Greater than or equal to' which makes it so that the skill can be the amount needed or more

Under that, theres a little ticked circle that says 'Constant' and the number 0. The number next to where it says Constant is the required amount your skill needs to be, so if the terminal needs a science skill of 50 to hack, you type 50. once you type 50, hit okay and your almost done

Now under the Conditional Branch there should be another place for a command and the word Else under that. Else is where it will go if your Science skill isnt 50 or higher. Under the conditional branch, type something like "Success! You hacked the terminal" and whatever the benefits of that are. Under else, type something like "Insufficient Skill". Now, onto changing the skill
Now, your going to need to add skill points whenever something happens correct? Thats the next part. Make a new event, a new command, and hit control variable, the second button on the second column. You'll see a bunch of things like Single, Batch, add set, etc. All you need to do is next to single, click the box and from the variable list find the variable you used above, which in my case was 1, and click it.

Now, under where it says 'Operation', tick the circle for Add
then under operand,where constant is ticked, type in whatever amount is to be added to your skill. If you put 30 there, it means your Science skill increases by 30 points. Hit okay,okay, and your done with your event, and the system!

There you have it, hope you find this a good alternative to a script. One more thing, if you want to see the value of a skill, type \v[ x ](omit the spaces, if the spaces werent there it makes a box), where x is the number of the variable where the skill is stored
To see this in action, download this demo which demonstrates Lockpick
Please note that the demo is not a tutorial and merely a demonstration
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