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Yes, hoh my gawd!
RMXP Tileset Merger
Version 1.0


Trying to merge a couple of tilesets for one map? Well no worries! This small handy dandy program will do all the work for you. You just add the tilesets you want, then click Merge then save it. How easy?

I decided to make this program when I noticed my old tileset merger. I wasn't quite happy with my scripted merger. This is alot user friendly, alot faster, and just 10x better.


  • Can merge any number of tilesets (May experience lag if you merge 50+)
  • Choose transparent background color when importing
  • Easy to use


Heres what the GUI looks like. Small, maybe a bit uneven. But perfect.
Spoiler for:




Once you run the program. Everythings basically self explanatory.
Click the "+" button to add a tileset.
Click the "-" button to remove a tileset.
Click the "Merge" button to merge the tilesets. (Must have at least 2 before clicking)
-When Importing
When importing a tileset, you can make the background transparent. The program allows you to click on the color of the tilesets background color. That way when all tilesets are merged, the background will be already transparent and you can just import it into rmxp.


  • Ronnie Mooney (game_guy) ~ For making it
  • GAX72 ~ Requesting merged tilesets awhile back

Known Bugs

You cannot merge images that are larger then 256 pixels in width. (A basic RMXP Tileset) For some reason when you import tilesets larger than that no merged image will come up.


Enjoy! If you run into any problems let me know.
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oh wow cool, thanks keep up the good work I will use this :D
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I registered, just to say THANK YOU OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!....*recomposes myself* So yea, anyway, This has got to be the best thing I found for RPG XP besides the program itself.

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Hehe, a pretty nice one program! :) Very handy for many people.
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That tileset merger was super helpful. Saves me a lot of time for sure!
I give kudos :)
Boredom entertains me.

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Yes, hoh my gawd!
Thanks guys!