[XP] ADD (Advanced Door Devices) [Figured it out!]

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For a while now I have been lurking these forums for advice and tutorials, not to mention some of the best resources left online. So... now I come with a question that is puzzling me. I am designing an Event System that makes doors quite... insane. They are each randomly generated with a few customizable variables and have many other features, all of witch is explained below. Anyway, I am having a problem with it, and was wondering if anyone could help.

Here is the series of events below, my questions follow. Thanks in advance!

Event 1: The Door
Spoiler for:
Page 1:
Spoiler for:

Page 2:
Spoiler for:

Page 3:
Spoiler for:

Page 4:
Spoiler for:

And lastly, page five. Witch in comparison looks kinda weak.
Spoiler for:

Common Event 1: Quality Check
Spoiler for:

Common Event 2: the Lock Check
Spoiler for:

And finally... my Lock Picking Common Event. [Whew... and I'm not even done yet!]
Spoiler for:

Now, first of all I want to thank you for taking the time to actually look through all of that. Anyway... as for my questions:

1. Because the quality check has it's own page, the player is required to click twice in order to see that kind of door they are faced with. I have tried Autorun and Parallel Process, but they just cannot break without resetting the event to page one. How can I get page 2, 3 or 4 (Depending on the Quality Check's outcome) to actually work automatically?

2. If the player chooses NO for a choice, or has no lockpicks, then the switches and variables all remain active... so when they move on to another door it's a clone of the one they just visited. Therefore all of the doors on the floor become the same door. I want each one to be different.

I have tried adding a local variable to the first page, and all the subsequent pages to be triggered by not only their quality trigger but also their self switches. But this just seemed to completely not work.

So I'm at a loss... how can I make it so this only effects one door?


Edit: After working and re-doing my system I found a way as to make it work. As far as I can tell it is working perfectly, but I need to do more testing. Once I have ironed out all the kinks I will place a bit of information on what I did, and then place a demo so other people can use it.
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