[XP] Base Fishing or Swimming System

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Base Fishing or Swimming System
Version: 1.0
Type: Terrain Detection System


Basically, when people want to create a fishing or swimming system they need to figure out how to check to see if the player is facing towards any bit of water. And they also got to make sure they are standing near teh water as well. This system makes it easy. Basically, all you need to do to set it up in your game is to change the terrains and common events that are called.


  • 1 Common Event
  • Detects if player is facing water
  • Detects if player is standing next to water


Spoiler for Facing Away From Water:
Spoiler for Facing Water:


Self Extracting Demo
Zip Folder


To place this in your game, just copy the common event and paste it in your own game. Change the Common Events that get called. Change the terrain tags.

Basically, you need 1 variable and 1 common event. Just follow the pictures.
For the conditional branches that get cut off, heres the full code.
Note that the 2 is the terrain tag for your water tile.
Code: [Select]
When Facing Down
$game_map.terrain_tag($game_player.x, $game_player.y + 1) == 2
When Facing Up
$game_map.terrain_tag($game_player.x, $game_player.y - 1) == 2
When Facing Left
$game_map.terrain_tag($game_player.x - 1, $game_player.y) == 2
When Facing Right
$game_map.terrain_tag($game_player.x + 1, $game_player.y) == 2
Spoiler for:

Credits and Thanks

  • game_guy ~ For making it
  • happyman ~ For requesting it

Author's Notes

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Level 84
Yes, hoh my gawd!
Thanks. Its quite simple in my opinion with just one event system. Figured it'd be good to release and it'd help some people who are eventers.

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