RMXP Sprite Animator

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RMXP Sprite Animator
Version 1.0


Trying to share your sprites? Or give previews of them? You want to animate the walking direction you say? No problem. This small nifty program takes any ordinary RMXP Character Sprite and transforms each direction into a walking gif.


  • Works on any size RMXP Sprite
  • Can export each direction individually
  • Can export each direction in a single file
  • Small and easy to navigate


Heres what the GUI looks like. Small, maybe a bit uneven. But perfect.
Spoiler for:

Heres what it can produce.
Spoiler for Individual Files:
Spoiler for Single File:




Once you run the program. Everythings basically self explanatory. However there is a "Help" option under the "Help" menu.


  • Ronnie Mooney (this is me) ~ For making it
  • Dwellercoc ~ For requesting it
  • Special thanks to the creators of NGif or else this wouldn't have been possible. (Possible for me anyways)

Known Bugs

These do not always happen. Its odd. Its only happened to the following sprites.
"001-Fighter01" and "002-Fighter02".

If a sprite has a colored background, it'll make most of it transparent, but will however leave a few pixels behind in the bottom right corner. (Only on 001-Fighter01)

If a sprite has a transparent background, it'll do the same as above. Leave a few random pixels in the corner.
EDIT: Actually, sometimes you can't tell but it leaves a few white pixels there. I'd fix it but I dunno how. Sorry :(

If you export the file as a "Single" file, you'll get an error. Saying "Cannot access {file name here}. Its being used by another process. Not sure whats causing it, but for the most part, just click Continue and it'll be fine.


Enjoy! If you run into any problems let me know.

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The link you posted for the program seems to be dead is there a way to get a new link please?