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So i'm making a game and i want to display a bunch of pictures using the show picture command, but since it doesn't autofit the image to the screen i need some info.

what size should the images be to fill the entire screen? or is there a way to get it to fit to the screen?

thanks in advance.

also one other thing, is there an easier way to get pictures to go away when you press enter?
what i do right now is, set the windows theme to nothing, put in an empty text boxt, and set the theme back in the end.
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For RMXP, the default screen size is 640 pixel height by 480 pixel width. The images won't automatically fit on the screen, so you'll either have to manually edit the image to be that large, or do some stretching with the zoom. It'll be easier just to manually edit it.

As for getting rid of them... What you're doing is one of the better ways of doing it. The way I used to do it was that I'd just set the text options to bottom and hidden, then showed a blank message after the picture. This would show the picture, and the little arrow of a message as if to indicate to the player that the game is waiting on them to press a button to continue. Then of course you just set it back to normal after they've hit enter.

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i feared i had to resize em, oh well. thanks for the info, much apriciated.