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The definitive swapping application. An All&One application/vx script that will make you swap tilesets/passages in an easy way!

Author: BulletXT (bulletxt@gmail.com)
Version: 1.0
Date: 23/07/2010

- Swap Tilesets and Passage   settings directly from the app. You don't swap anymore from events, and   you don't have to create a parallel project anymore to create a new   passage setting. The app is also able to make you swap the passage   setting and editing it directly in VX Editor.
- Ability to Save/Load   profiles in the app. A profile will save all tilesets/passages so you   can quickly load them on one shot.
- Your events graphics will   automatically swap too, but you can disable this behaviour anytime   turning on a switch.
- The app is able to Create/Manage Real-Time   swaps. This means that you can swap tilesets/passages at a specific time   in game, instead of default map load time.
- The app is game   indipendent, you will not have to copy it anymore inside the VX game   folder. So if you have one copy of SwapXT, you can swap all your VX   games with it.
- There will be no need anymore to create   "extra_tiles" folder and copy System tilesets. SwapXT will prepare and   configure in automatic everything that is needed.
- The ruby VX   script is totally Plug&Play. There is nothing to configure and/or   set.

YouTube Video presentation: here

Spoiler for:
Swap TileSets in VX Editor:

Swap Passage Settings in VX Editor:

Apply Swaps To a VX Map ID and/or show info of existing swaps that apply to VX:

Create a Real-Time swap:

Show Info and/or Edit created Real-Time swaps:

How does all this work?
- Download the VX Ruby script found below and put it inside your Game
- Download SwapXT and install it
- Once you open it, it will prompt you to add a VX Game. Just add yours by browsing to your game's folder and select Game.ini in it.
- You're ready to go! Put all the tilesets you want to swap inside the new created Graphics/System/extra_tiles folder.
- Use the first 2 tabs in SwapXT to swap tiles/passages in your VX editor while mapping.
- Use third tab to apply swaps to a VX map ID and edit any existant ones.
- Use third tab to create Real-Time swap and manage them.
- By default your tilesets/passages will swap automatically when a VX Map Loads. If you instead want to swap at a specific time, use the Real-Time function.

- SwapXT does its best in keeping compatibility with previous swapping edition. This means that if you are already using my previous swapping/script version 0.4, in theory SwapXT will still be able to understand your swapping events and make your tiles/passages swap.
- SwapXT has the same compatibility of the previous swapping/script 0.4, this means it's compatible with almost anything out there. A known script that is NOT compatible is "Wall Tile Extension", however a patch may be written from someone and I'll notice you about it.

- I swapped tilesets in VX editor but when I start my game they don't swap!
- To apply swaps to a VX Map ID, use third Tab in UI.
- I want to do a swap at a specific time instead of at Map Load time!
- Simply create a Real-Time swap from third tab in UI. It will create an ID, then call it inside a VX event doing a script call and typing $game_map.swapxt(ID).
- The Graphic of my Events swap too, but I don't want this! My Events must ignore tileset swaps and use default Graphic/System tilesets!
- There is a Switch ID you must turn ON to disable events swapping their graphics. The Switch ID is specified in the VX Ruby SwapXT script and is labeled as: "DISABLE_EVENT_SWAPPING = "

Bug Reporting:
If you think you found a Bug in the VX Script or UI application, please provide a Step By Step method to reproduce it. The more details you give me, the easier it will be for me to fix the issue.

SwapXT is written in C++ with the Qt4 Framework   toolkit.
SwapXT binary has been compiled with the GNU Compiler Collection for Windows, MinGW.
SwapXT is released under the GNU   General Public License 3. Source Code is available at the following   link: here

If you really appreciate my work, please consider making a very small donation through PayPal. Even 1€ is appreciated :) You can do this: here

Download SwapXT:
1. SwapXT VX Ruby Script (put this in your VX Game inside Script List): here
2. SwapXT UI application: here

So this is all, I hope you appreciate my hard work and most importantly I'll be happy to know if this really helps you swap tiles/passages finally in a easy and quick way :)


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*Best day of my RpgMakerVx life. 

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About time. This is going to make complex mapping so much easier.

Nice work!

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This looks like a way easier way to do it. Good work bulletxt!

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You know, I think its all gonna be okay.
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I just started using this program, and I am thoroughly impressed. Although I will need to make a bunch more tilesets for my needs now, my maps are going to ROCK with all the variety I have available. BulletXT, you are a genius.

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I can't save profiles for some reason. I think it's to do with the stupid security settings Vista uses, which doesn't make sense since I use Windows XP

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Really want to use it but sadly the software is infected and Norton removes it immediately, is there a virus free version of the software?

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Because Norton is the most reliable virus-checking program. :V
It's not infected, probably just constructed similarly to a virus.
it's like a metaphor or something i don't know

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Well I guess I can't use this then..

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This is amazing. Now mapping in VX won't be as bad!

I'm back.

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Can't anyone help me?