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This is a guide on how to make a character in RMVX. In this tutorial (and using the same pattern, you can add or subtract options, remember this.) you will learn how to let a person choose the gender, race, appearance, class, and name of the hero.

0) Create a 'Generic' Character. Empty the face selection, name, sprite, etc. Set stats however you want.

1) Make the maps: Your selections can be viewed via the maps. In my example, I have gender, race, appearance, and class in my selections. Create your maps; I've named mine so here's my list:

**Note: You can do this in any order, but my choice was gender, race, appearance, and class. Of course there are some logistics to this (I.E. you can't choose how you'll appear if you don't know what gender you are)

2) Create an event which will let you choose your gender. (This is the only one I didn't create a map specifically for. You can do it if you want.) Then, set a variable (or switch) to allow you to call the gender of the character any time you want. (1=Male, 2=female, or however you want it done.) The reason I use a variable is simply because I hate having 20 switches that aren't even going to be used. So, I use a variable. Then, set the character to a generic male/female sprite and teleport them to the map for the next selection (in this tutorial, it's racial selections.) Here was the evnet I used in the demo:

3) In the rest of this tutorial, I will be following 1 path. In this case, I chose "male" as my hero since I am male. Make a map for racial selection. In my case, I chose Human, Elf, Spirit, Undead, and Orc.

4) Create the events for your races. All your player has to do is walk up to the race he's interested and talk to them. For me, I gave them a "show Choice" option for yes or no. Once they chose race, I set the actor graphic and face graphic to match the race. I also add the variable (1=human, 2=elf, 3=spirit, 4=undead, 5=orc in my case) like so: (This is useful to create, say, a racist NPC who refuses to talk with elves or something.)

5) The next part, I create a map showing a number of sprite/faces that a person can choose to look like. They can change how they look. You can use the same events as last time to select how they look. NOTE: You **may** have to set a variable to choose how you look. The reason being that I do not yet know how to set the character face. For names, you can use /n[1] but faces cannot be set based on your hero. You can set a variable and a load of conditional branches if you really are a perfectionist though. Create the maps and events like so:

6) Create map for hero class selection. Choose your classes and splay them out for display as you wish. Like so:

7) Create an event to allow the character to choose his class. I also included a name selection. ((**Use /n[The number next to the actor's name in the database] to show your character's name. This is good for your dynamically character chosen name.**)) You can choose the character limit to your wish. IF YOU WISH: You can add stat bonuses (for any of these, race, gender, or class.) You can also set a variable if you want (say if you're a knight and the knight variable is 6. Then, if variable ==6, say "Morning Sir" whereas if variable !=6, say "Morning Mister" or something along those lines.)

**IMPORTANT!: Any skills that class learns at the starting level of your character and before that will not be learned by your character. You must set the "add actor skill" command to add any starting skills for your hero!

8) Add additional options. By now you know to create the map, show the choices for yes or no, then simply change whatever needs to be changed. Then, you can add. For any other additions, you can create another map splaying out your choices. Set your variables, and you're done. It should be fairly simple.

9) Teleport your character to the starting point of your game, give him/her whatever items, equipment, gold to start with. This is where variables set really helps. For example: If the variable states your character is a female, give her a dress but give the guy trousers for starting armor. If variables states your character is a knight, give him a sword, but give the mage a dagger. If, say, you set your starting financial situation (i.e. for a difficulty trigger) you can give them gold to fit.

I've included a test map to show everything you need to know. It's a demo, imperfect but it works.
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