Adjusting the basic game to start new project with all scripts in it

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I basicly added this tuto cause i couldnt find any yet and i think many people would love to start of without having to install all base scripts you favor.

You can with some effort start a basic new game to your base settings you like.

Here we go then how to do this.
Look good at screenshots and path referals , they can be different depending on the OS you use.

Part 1

Basicly start a new project as i did, i suppose i dont need to explain this.

Part 2

Go to tools and click scripteditor.

Step 3

Here we start ading the scripts, i made a new categorie called Basic Scripts Added, you can call it whatever you like.
As you see in the screenshot i added 3 scripts from woratana which i pretty use on all installs.

Step 4

Now you gonna save your project and close it, i assume you tested your script and did the settings for the scripts.

Step 5

Now browse to your path where the Saved Project is stored, this can be different then the screenshot depending on your system.
Select here the file Scripts.rvdata and right click it to copy.

Step 6

Now browse to the basic install folder of your RPGVX also to the data folder, here you gonna rightclick and paste your Scripts.rvdata you just copied, when a popup comes to overwrite or about doing as an administrator select yes to continue.

The path in the screenshots can be different relating to your system and setup ofcourse.

Step 7

Time to test if it worked out now, simple start a new project.

Step 8

Go to tools and click scripteditor.

Step 9

Scroll down now and see the magic had happened, the scripts are there and the settings also, no more hours spending in setting up the whole basesystem.

Now people wondering if they can do it also with the basic dbase the tilesets and the basic sound pack the answer is yes, you can also over this way alter the startup of new projects, expection said is that the images and sounds are in a difference path.

When you gonna mess with these things you need to alter in the game also accessibility on tiles sets and alter dbase settings so it fits your startup needs, if needed i can make a screenshot tutorial about this also.