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Level 83
Created By Mr_Wiggles

This system was being used in an old game of mine that never really went any where so I figured id let other people use it in their games.

There are going to be ALOT of events/ switches depending on how large of a puzzle you want to create! It’s a good Idea to keep track of what’s what as your going.

- Before we Begin -

On a scale from 1 - 10 on Difficulty I rate this a 7.
It's probably a good idea to have a little experience with event making before you start.

IN the demo there are detailed events with comments to help explain my self.


Alright sense there is a lot to cover "not really" let’s start by looking at this Picture of Light Puzzle 1 Map:

Ok now let’s start explaining what’s going on here…

In Cyan we have what is the start of the light; this is where the light comes in from a hole in the roof that was opened by the switch there on that wall. It uses just a simple event that was copy and pasted to make a “Line” of light to the first mirror. In the event all that is happing is a simple fade “effect” from a move player command in a parallel process, and when it finished “fading in” it turns its self off with a self switch.
“Click on of the Light In events on Light Puzzle 1”

In Blue we have the first light beam.  It as well as all the other light beams is made of one event copy and pasted to create a “line” of light. This event is just a character sprite and a switch to turn it “on and off”.  To control the switch you would use the mirror it’s coming from as an action button. That when the player presses a button it will “rotate” the mirror and turn the corresponding light beams “on and off”.

In Green we have the first light that can be rotated by the player. Just as explained in Blue’s example each light beam is a copy, and the mirror is a switch. This is where it can point light down and up. So depending on which way the mirror is facing will “tell” which light beam to turn on.
NOTE:  In order to make the correct light show up at the right time you need to turn the switch on “before” you rotate the light (see one of the mirrors on Light Puzzle 2 Map).

For all the colors except yellow it’s the same just a copy and paste and setting the switches to correspond with the facing of the mirrors they originate from.

In Yellow we have the door mini event system that makes the door “fade” in to view when the player gets the lights to shine the light at the wall. (It’s not needed I just think it looks cool)

NOTE: Since you can only place one event on a single tile you have to use a transfer event through a parallel process that will place that event on top of another. I.E. for when the light goes through the door in the Demo that door is a bunch of events. The light Pieces that need to be show “on top” of it need to be moved there. This also has to be used if you want two or more beams of light to cross one another. Make sure that when you do this that you have a parallel presses for that event that will place it where it needs to be BEFORE the light shows up, other wise the light will seem to “jump” from a spot on the map to its location.

TIP: Every thing that is a light is above the player and through. Also dim the opacity of the Character being used as the light so it doesn’t seem so solid looking.


That concludes how to make the “Basic One” where the mirrors lock into place when the player gets them to face the right way now here is how to do it with out them locking in place until the puzzle is finished. As well as how to make the light hit an object to complete instead of the wall.

                 (See the demo and look at the comments in the events for intrusions)

NOTE: All the light beams and processes of creating “corners” and all that is EXACTLY
the same. The only thing that changes is the way the mirrors work and the implement of a single variable.

Interesting ADD ON: Think this is lame; perhaps make it to where the solid pieces of the light hurt the player if they touch it. To do this just make the light beams “since they are activated by an event” a player touch event and make a hurt player how ever much you want. This can lead to a much more interesting puzzle.

TIP: Experiment around, learn from creating a basic one first then move on to a harder one.
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Level 84
It's human to misdo
Very nice system Wiggles! Really like it :D