XP Sprite Request: Class Costume Sprites

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Level 83
Anyone can make an XP sprite for class costumes?(just their costumes)

 I'll be using it in character maker XP..
Spoiler for:
character maker xp:

oioioi: umm.. w/o hair, eyes & skin..just costumes.
• Any sprite costume to fit these classes:

    *swordsman  *knight       *crusader   *gladiator    *dragoon,samurai,ronin,blademaster
    *archer        *hunter      *bard(M)    *dancer(F)   *misntrel(M), gypsy(F), ranger
    *mage          *wizard      *sage        *red/blue mage  *elementalist, illusionist, witch(F)
    *theif           *assassin   *rogue       *bandit
    *acolyte       *priest       *monk        *druid         *necromancer, shaman, scholar
    *merchant    *blacksmith *alchemist  *craftsman   *craftlord

    *gunner       *rifleman
    *warrior       *warlord
    *shinobi       *ninja
    *novice or apprentice

•Well, I'll be patient to wait. Even completing all of these might not be possible.
•I would be thankful for those who will share their works so they must be credited ofcourse.

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sithjester has a bunch of the ones you requested on hisher XD site... go to
dont forget to credit her!
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Level 83
Woa, it looks great! Thanks ;D
  I wonder if there are more :o