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Huh... Sorry for reviving, hope the thread is still being followed...

1st. How do you feel about John Paul II's apologies for, namely, the Inquisition?

2nd. Aren't handfastings supposed to be "renewed" after a year and a day? (if I am wrong here, disregard the next questions) If so, how is this handled along with the legal wedding (for example, is there any legal support provided by the coven for those who don't want to renew their "vows")?

3rd. What is your position on vegetarianism? Does "harming none" extend to animals?

Notes: The use of "" a lot of times has ONLY the meaning that I don't know if I'm using the correct expressions.
          I'm really sorry if some of the questions I ask are non-sense but there is so much information available that sometimes, when putting it all together, I can't seem to make a final conclusion on some issues...

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You know, I think its all gonna be okay.
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Sorry for the delay in gettin to the questions.

Firstly, the pope. My knee jerk reaction is to say he wasn't there how could he possibly be sorry? But then, I suppose he has the authority to speak for his church in all times and in all ways, so since he's willing to acknowledge a mistake on the part of his predecessors, I'll take it. After all, more peace is waht we need, right?

Second, the handfastings. If the marriage is to be legal, I counsel the couple to give it the year and a day trial, then come back and we can do it legally. This has, sadly, not been an issue, since all 3 of the handfastings I've done now have been for homosexual couples. When same-sex unions do become leagal, I suppose I'll offer the same service to them, as well.

Thirdly, veggies. In my tradition, which consists of eleven members, including my piscotarian daughter, the inclusion of meat is a personal choice not covered in our group consensus. I myself enjoy a burger or steak every now and then, but tend to shy away from red meats simply for health reasons- cardiac problems run rampant in my family. A far as the moral implications, I think that as long as the animal is not treated cruelly in its life or slaughtered by, say, drowning or something similarly slow and agonizing, the use of animals for food is fine. Now, some pagans would disagree with me, but I suppose that this is one of the things that makes this faith appealing to me; everyone can make their own choice and not be thought of as a "sinner."

BTW, I like your scren name. Are you pagan, as well?