September Project of the Month

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Everyone congratulate Tezuka for his extremely promising game: Final Fantasy V-II: Sacred Chains

Some comments on the game during the selection process:

Falcon - FFV-II actually looks like a damn good fangame. Spriting and systems look great, and they can't even use scripting.

DeathLockBM - FFV-II - Sacred Chains: Excellent sprites, the systems must rely on eventing, and stands out even though its a fan-game.

NAMKCOR - the sprites look gorgeous, the eventing work is spectacular, that's all I need ...  That, and I think it's been deserving POTM for some time now.
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I believe it's a cool idea... I personally loved FF V too (it was the first FF i played) and yes, the screenshots look very promising. Can't wait to see it finished.
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