Continue Map's BGM after Battle

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Continue Map's BGM after battle
Author: BulletXt (
Version: 0.1
Date: 25/06/2009

This script will make your map's bgm continue playing after battle ends instead of restarting.
The demo includes the script and all necessary files. It should be compatible with all scripts. And before you ask, it does support ogg :)

IMPORTANT: you must have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

- it continues playing map's bgm after battle ends instead of restarting
- if a switch is ON, map's bgm will continue playing in battle
- if a switch is ON, it activates random battle bgm

Download Demo: here


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Nice work, bulletxt.

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I updated the package. It now has the latest rgss script and almost all dll's have been updated. Most importantly, the demo now ships with a new version of mplayer which is compiled with runtime cpu detection. This means it doesn't matter if your cpu supports or not flags like SSE1 or SSE2. All people that are currently using this script is encouraged to update to this new release. Be sure to overwrite all the dlls and mplayer of your project to the new ones found in the demo.

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I have a question... i know this is necropost and im not sure if the question goes here, but, what if the other people in the other pc (supposing i finished a game and i used this script bulletxt made) doesnt hace the visual c++ 2005? Or they will dont need that software when the game encrypts??

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