FF7 sfx database (taking requests)

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I always here people asking for the sound effects from final fantasy 7, i used to be one of those people... until today!
I decided to get up and start getting the sfx by myself and i have spent all day getting these so fingers crossed that people can actually found them useful.

In the archive i have the menu sound effects, most of the magic sound effects (excluding the summons), omnislash and highwind.
The jump sound effect and when ever you bump into ruby. I have an amount of enemy attacks including machine gun etc,
enemy death. (i still havent got around to getting the boss kill sound effect but ill get there soon)

well anyway i probably have left something out in my description.
here is the file link:
I will take requests if someone wants anything in particular but for the moment im going to take a rest because ive been working on this all bloody day

well have fun hope you find what you want.

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Sorry to bump a month old thread but have you added any more sounds to this database? Also I found an error in the Fire 3 file. You can hear the menu sound while it plays.

EDIT: I'd like to request all of the attacking sounds made by different characters. For example the Tifa punching sound.

Also can you share how you recorded these? I may be able to contribute.

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I know this is an old thread, but I just had to say something: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You don't have any idea of how long I've been looking for these SFX. (Which by the way are splendid!) It was a good thing that you decided to do something about the problem!

You've helped me and a whole bunch of people!   ;D

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Registered to say thanks!

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Haven't even downloaded yet, but wanted to say awesome, as I've been recording ff7 sounds myself and it might save me time if the quality is what I want. I'll add my stuff to this post as well.

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Thank you very much!!!!

Hope you can upload some more sounds^^

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Why is this thread constantly being necroposted in by new members with only one post?

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Zylos, I love your fancy rainbow animated name. Just sayin'

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First necro of 2011, yeaaaaaaa!!!!

And thanks for this wicked pack OP, you da best!