Party Members' Initial Levels [VX]

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    Party Members' Initial Levels
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Grafikal009
    Date: 5 - 08 - 2009

    Version History

    • 1.0 [05/08/09] - Initial Release


    This makes the level that your party members join at more dynamic. In the demo, you can set it so that a new party member's level is equal to your party leader's level or you can set it so that their level is equal to an average of all the levels in your party.
    (IE. Actor 1LVL=17, Actor 2LVL=15, Actor 3LVL=14, if Actor 4 is joining, then Actor 4LVL=15)


    • New Party Member's LVL = Party Leader's LVL
    • New Party Member's LVL = Average Party LVL

    Planned Additional Features

    • Nothing at the moment.


    Not really applicable.


    Inside the event that a character is to join your party, turn on the Common Event that coordinates with that actor. Just copy the common events from the demo into your game. Be certain you change the variable and switches (as I'm sure you aren't using variables 0001-0004 and switches 0001-0004 like me). Also, in the common event that calculates the average level, make sure that you add or delete variables corresponding to who is or is not actually in your party at the time when a new actor joins. Also change the number that the variable is divided by. That number should equal the number of total actors in your party before the new actor joins. (IE: If you have 3 party members and a 4th is to join, then the variable for the Actor 4's level should be divided by 3. It should be divided by 2 if there are 2 party members before a 3rd actor joins to configure that actor's level, etc.) Also make sure that in the database, all your actors for the party have their "Initial" checkbox UNCHECKED. I haven't checked it, but just in case, this will make sure that the variables start calculating when the actor's are at level 1.


    • Grafikal009


    Support can be dealt with here in this topic or you may PM me.

    Author's Notes

    Dun dun dun. Easy event system. Just credit.

    Variables Used

    Variables: 0001-0004
    0001:Track's Actor 1's LVL
    0002:Track's Actor 2's LVL
    0003:Track's Actor 3's LVL
    0004:Track's Actor 4's LVL

    Switches Used

    Switches: 0001-0003, 0005

    0001:Turns on Common Event 1
    0002:Turns on Common Event 2
    0003:Turns on Common Event 4
    0005:Makes an event appear (this is just for the sake of the demo)

    Common Events Used

    Common Events: 001, 002, 004

    001:Controls Actor 2's LVL when joining the party.
    002:Controls Actor 3's LVL when joining the party.
    004:Controls how the average level is calculated when Actor 4 is joing the party.


    Demo is attached[/list]