Ask an 18 year old father.

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Seems like it's going to be fine so far. Be sure to expose her to things that can
stimulate her (brain) holistically (IQ,EQ, the arts. etc. ) It's much easier to start early on.
The human brain grows up to 80% of an adult's during the first two years of our lives, when we are babies.

Sorry if this sounds rather weird, but if I could go back in time and re-raise myself I think I actually would.
Bless you and your daughter.
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do you have/are looking for a job?

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do you have/are looking for a job?

Well.. at the moment i have a job, i work as a stockhand at a food company, driving the forklifts, packing stock, picking stock to fill customer orders.. :D.. i am soon going to be trained up as a deliverer, driving the trucks and delivering stock to customers! :D

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For the love of all that is holy, vary her palate.

Feed her all kinds of fruits and vegetables and everything before she decides to be picky and can sneakily chuck things in the garbage can. @___@ It will cause her to like ALL foods when she gets older, which makes dinner parties a whole hell of a lot easier for one, her body a lot healthier for two, and probably her figure a lot thinner for three.

Just a tip. It's something I wish had been done with myself rather than being raised on a diet of McDonald's and pizza. >_O

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