[XP] Action Battle System - Completely Event Based

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Name: Action Battle System
Author: Dlarhen
Version: 1.0

This action battle system is very similar to RM2k3's, but not exactly. I'm still working on the system - this version works best if you don't have any caterpillar scripts, your party is composed of one character or your leader of the party cannot be changed. The ABS is very swift and you need good reflexes to kill your enemy off swiftly, especially if they're stronger than this thief I'm using here.
This system allows you to create a swift battle enviroment without the annoyance of many common events or scripts, not to mention the existence of many other events. The turn-lacking allows you to get a really realistic feel, and if you want a difficult-in-battles game, this system is for you.
The easiest way to get this system to work is to copy the map in the download, paste it into your project(don't worry, it'll fit in, the map's completely RTP based), have a teleport event(for instance, an enemy - you collide with it, and you are teleported to the map) and have a teleport event, instead of the "Return to Title Screen" command in the download, bring you back after the battle.
P.S.: I recommend you set the SP of all levels to whatever you're using in the Own SP variable, if you're using this exact version(not modified much).

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