[XP] Poison/Venom Event System

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Somewhere someone requested a script for changing the way the poison/venom system works, and so I have made an event system. I am about to start one which works on steps, but until then, here ya go, amigos!

NOTE: DOES NOT WORK IN BATTLE! Fixed. Unstable, but works now. Check demo.

Spoiler for By the way!:
Please, PLEASE reply! I am so sick of posting neat things when ppl look at it, maybe use it, then just go on (PLEASE!)!:'(

Anyways: It works like this: When switch X is ON (for cutscenes and intros, once again!), then when you are infliced by Poison or Venom, you steadily lose health after X set of frames. Then loops and loops and... you know how it goes.
AND! It also quickly flashes lightly red like normally.

It's pretty simple, but requires a quick database edit.

Spoiler for Instructions - Important!:
Go to the database and under "States" choose Venom (or Poison, or whatever it's called in your version). Where it says "Slip Damage", uncheck it.

Then copy the Common Event from the demo into a new Common Event in your database, and VOILA!

EDIT: Now works in battle. It still could use some improvement (in battle), but it works ;)!

New demo uploaded with the battle expansion stuff. Old one still possible to download as well though.

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Thx man, nice well looking system. Interesting design for effects  ;).