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This is Bestone's idea, and Russty and i are willing to help making this template a nice option to make games with. Now with better and better template projects comming out our goal is to make diversity in game projects. There are awesome template projects out there with awesome people involved (HK project specially) and we want another option for ppl to use. I dont plan to compete with the other projects, just make diversity. Each project is unique and each project needs a different template depending on how the creator want to make it.

The Team


Russty and I are going to make several sprites so its possible make Games with AlphaZ
This is what our project is doing right now
After finishing XP sprites we plan to do some VX NPCs too

Finished Work

Spoiler for:







Spoiler for:

Spoiler for:
Modern Prisoner 2

Modern Prisoner


Thanx to


for the template development

Zephyr for helping improve my spritting abilities :p

If use Credit AlphaZ Team And Bestone
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I hate everyone except the ones I don't hate...
They aren't bad, but I don't think all of them deserve a "tick". I like the overall thing about this new template, a lot actually - don't get me wrong on that- but the head looks too small, and the body sometimes look "weird" and/or bady shaded. Just my opinion though. Chars I think could be improved:

Civilian 8 - Legs are too short, body is too thin and long/tall

Civilian 7 & 6 - Be careful with the hair. Looks too "close" to the head. It needs to be more "light" (not in colour). Mostly 7 here, but 6 has kinda the same hair ;)

Civilian 9 - Same as Civilian8, but this guy also looks like a girl - from the side, he seems to have breasts, and that looks weird...

While I LOVE Jack very much, his armour makes his leg and other higher features diminish. The colour of armor and legs could be fixed to a sharper and clearer colour in my opinion.

ALL IN ALL: ;D Keep it up!! ;D
I wonder how many of my-reps are there for a reason, and not just because some jackass wanted to show off in front of some other jackasses...?
Probably a lot of them - and those people sure as hell don't deserve my pity, let alone my disgust.
That's right, let's see some more -Rep'ing! BOOYEAH!!

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That's me in my bee outfit, do I look handsome?
About the shades its more like a pallette problem i think. its not the definitive pallette, as soon as i finish ill be changing some of the colors of the characters to give the final touch. as i started with some1 elses pallettes and ive been little by little doing my actual pallette.
Every1's legs are the same, what changes is the clothing and some have large shirts, except for civilian 4 which is a teenager and template is different, hes about 13 or something like that

about civilian 9 i agree, he looks as if he had breasts somehow, ill diminish that with shading

thank you for your comments :) ill be upgrading

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I like the style - it reminds me of Phantasy Star IV.

Anyway, these seem to be more XP so far, so I think I will move it to that section for the time being.

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time to revive this, muah