Gold HUD with a proffesional Window! (Event System)

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This is how to make a Gold HUD with a scripted Window. No scripting needed, just a single common event (per HUD) and two switches (per HUD). I will provide an example of a Gold_Window HUD.

Can be used with ANY type of HUD, more examples of other HUDs in the Demo attached.

Get two switches ready. Call 'em what you want.

Switch 1: Gold_HUD
Switch 2: Gold_HUD Check

Make a new common event, make it parralel process and make the trigger switch Switch 1.

Make a conditional branch now.
Conditonal Branch: Switch 2 = OFF (no else handler).

Now type THIS in a call script command:

Code: [Select]
@gold_window =
@gold_window.x = 0
@gold_window.y = 416

After the End Branch, make a loop command.
Inside it, type the following in a Call Script command:

Code: [Select]

DONE! I made using a normal event, so tell me if it doesn't work with a Common Event...
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