[XP] Simple (yet useful) Leveling System

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It's a simple event leveling system, nothing else to it.
  • 3 variables
  • 1 Common Event
Do tell me if you find a way to simplify it even further, since I guess simple is good.

In the demo it will only go up to level 10, but you can easily copy and paste some stuff, which is what you're supposed to, anyway, since the system is made for you to be able to edit for your own needs. It's not meant to be a complete system, but rather something that makes it possible for you to make your own system. I might edit it a little to get it to use scripts instead of variables, and maybe even some day to become an entire script, but I think Blizz made a good enough script for that anyway.

Leveling systems aren't seen often enough in my opinion, though it pains me to say it's not very advanced. I am looking to make a fable-type experience system, but I'm afraid that people hate me too much to make me want to post it anyway.

It just makes you lvl up, what do you want to see?!

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Version History:
V.1 - Original, advanced
 - 1.1 - Greatly simplified, and space has been dramatically reduced!
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