[TUT]-[RMVX] Converting RMXP Characters to RMVX using MS Paint

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I don't know about the rest of RMRK, but I personally don't care for the chibi style that VX has to offer, so I set out trying to find a way to use my good old "2-tile" character sets I had come to know and love.

To begin, export a your favorite character sprite from RMXP. I used 001 - Fighter01 just because it was first in the list.

Not adding a screenshot for this.  If you don't know how to export, lemme know and I'll send you a PM.

Next, open the Character sheet in Paint.  I'm sure other image programs can do everything here, but all I have is paint.

We need to remove the first 32 x 192 pixels from the image.  Rather than try to cut out these pixels and then move the whole image, we're going to cheat a little.  Go to Image > Flip/Rotate, then hit OK.

Spoiler for:

Now the first column is the last column. Yay!  Next, go to Image > Attributes and set the width at 96 [128-(128/4)].  The first column is gone for good.

Spoiler for:

Now we have to flip him again, the same way as before.  If we don't, he'll be walking backwards all the time.

Now, open attributes again.  VX has to have 8 different Characters on a character sheet, so we'll use the attributes window again.  Set the image to 384 x 384.  The size of the characters in Xp make this a perfect square.  Make sure the character background and the background you just added are the same color, and voila!  You just converted a Character!

Be sure to save it in .PNG format, then import and choose the transparency.

In case you're lazy, busbuzz has already converted a hell of a lot of characters, and has a thread Here.  I just thought that the people should know how to convert their own.

Yes, I used Paint on Vista, but all the features are the same as XP.
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Well, this seems useful. I moved it to the database.

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Nice, I'm gonna try it out soon. Besides, half of us decent ppl who don't have a keygen or something like that to get photoshop only have paint. And paint rox! And a lot of people have it! (At least those with windows...)
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