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Jump System

There are 2 jump systems in that project. The second (and enabled one) was done per request. The first one was what I started with.
I got inspired from a brainless Jump tutorial at .org ^^
I have tried to make the jump system to feel fluid and nice.

You can download the project from: http://zeriab.plesk3.freepgs.com/root/events/JumpSystem.rar

You jump by press Q (or whatever your L-button is assigned to).
If you just press Q you jump on the spot. If you press Q and some of the direction buttons you jump in that way.
You can hold down Q for some time and press the buttons you want, or let Q go for a quick jump. (The delay can be adjusted by changing a variable)
You can change the jump strength (length) by pressing A, S and D. (Or whatever you have assigned for the X,Y,Z-buttons)

The second jump system feels like an overkill for normal use and requires more work to be implemented while the first is more simple and easier to use.

Note that you will be able to jump through trees (You can try it in the demo)
You can fix this using terrain tags, but it will require a lot of work and will probably be significantly slower than the presented system.

I am very much interested in feedback. How does the system feels? How is the responsiveness? Anything that could be done better? What parts do you like?

 - Zeriab
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Just checked it out i like it. kinda weird with the a s d control the jump length.

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I'm glad you like it ^_^
I agree that using a, s and d is weird.
The reason I have included them is to show how to change the jump length rather than how it should be changed.
The change to the jump length was requested by someone who already had a dash system and thus I constructed the jump system in such a way that it should be relatively easy to couple together.

If you want to test the original system then turn on switch [0001: Jump] instead of [0002: Jump2] in EV003.