[RMXP] Using common events for a script Call (Keyboard Shortcut)

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Some scripts, such as Leon_Westbrooke's Party Changer have a call script hat you have to use in order to use the script.  I'll use Leon's script as an example.

First of all, install the script as per Leon's instructions.

On the first map the character goes on, have an event to activate the switch [001: Party Changer].  The name and number don't matter, just so long as you remember which switch it is.

New event --> Parallel Process --> Control Switches --> [001:Party Changer] On.

No, open the database.  Tools --> Database or just hit F9.  Move to the common event tab, and start a new common event.  Name it Party Changer and Start a Conditional Branch.  Set the Condition to Button X is Being Pressed.

Common Event --> Conditional Branch --> (Page 4) Button X is Being Pressed.

As long as you haven't messed with what button does what, this means you have hit the "A" button on your keyboard to activate the branch.

Under the "Condition Met" part of the branch, have it call the call script, in this case "$scene = Scene_Party_Change.new".

Common Event --> (Page 3) Script... --> $scene = Scene_Party_Change.new

For the "Else", leave it blank or put something that won't affect your game in there.  It doesn't matter.

Now, testplay your game to be sure it works.  Hit the "A" key and see if the Party Changer comes up.  If it does, congratulations!  If not, hit F9 in-game and see if the switch for the party changer is on.  If not, make sure the event is set to parallel process and to turn on the switch.  If it is on, hit F1 in-game and see if the "A" key is set to "X".  If it isn't, either set it or hit the key that corresponds to "X".  If A is set to X, I'm not sure what's wrong.
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