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What's with these people?!?
So I posted these tutorial videos of RMVX up on YouTube recently:



Sorry if I was talking quietly during them, my voice just randomly gets quieter and louder like that :P Tell me what you think! And yes I know "how could someone NOT do these things" but there ARE n00bs out there. N00bs, tell if it helps, non-n00bs, tell if you think it will help
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Okay, first of all I would like to comment on this
Never mind that.

Yes, it was fairly untidy and it just seems to me your narration in the video just deosn't seem to help much.
From videos I have seen, good video tutorials don't come from the narration, but the actual procedure it is showing.

Canceling one or two steps as seen in your tutorial was...unecessary and certainly confusing to some people, especially n00bs novices.
Suggestion: Make it tidier. It helps.
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What's with these people?!?
I know... the only real reason I narrate is because YouTube kills the awesome quality the video really had before uploaded. And I wasn't really cancelling a few steps... It was more like changing them and using a better strategy which I completely forgot about :P Before these videos I was typing up a tutorial here, but I accidentally pushed F4, which refreshed the page... I had so much done, I didn't bother retyping it. Perhaps I'll do one later.

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Looks good, so I moved it to the Database. I would suggest maybe subtitles though, if possible.