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Random Title Screen
Version 1.0
by Woratana
Release Date: 07/02/2008

This script will random your tile screen.
To make player not get bored every time they start game. :)

Version 1.0
- Random title screen from pictures as much as you want

Place it above main.
Code: [Select]
# ? [RMVX] +Random Title Screen+
# Version 1.0
# by Woratana [woratana@hotmail.com]
# Release Date: 07/02/2008
# This scrip will random title screen
# You can set title screen pictures to be random at line:
# Title = ["filename","filename2","filename3",...]
# title screen picture must be in folder "System"
# For example, Title = ["Screenfire","Title1"]
# >> Title Screen will random between pictures "Screenfire" and "Title1".
class Scene_Title < Scene_Base
  Title = Array.new
  # Set Title Screen Pictures for random here!
  Title = ["Title","Title10","Title25","Title50","Title80"]
  def create_title_graphic
    @sprite = Sprite.new
    title_random = rand(Title.size)
    @sprite.bitmap = Cache.system(Title[title_random].to_s)

You can set the pictures that will be in random list for title screen at this line:
Code: [Select]
Title = ["filename","filename2","filename3",...]
put your file's name in double quote "filename", and seperate pictures with ,
The file name don't need file type (e.g. .jpg,.png), and must be in folder "System"

For Example,
Code: [Select]
Title = ["ice","water","fire","earth"]
The title screen will random between the files "ice" or "water" or "fire" or "earth".

You can add pictures to be random as much as you want :lol:

Author's Notes
Free for use in your non-commercial work if credit included. If your project is commercial, please contact me.

Please do not redistribute this script without permission. If you want to post it on any forum, please link to this topic.
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Looks good. I made a comment on it at another forum so no need to do it here. In any case, good work.

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I edited your post and fixed an error in the script due to the forum breaking up a line at a bad position efficiently breaking the script. I hope you don't mind.

Thanks for posting your sweet little script here ^_^

 - Zeriab

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Thanks a lot for suggest! :)

That's fine.

Thanks, Zeriab.  ;)