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I thought since We were posting the story as spoilers on the La Recherche project, I would also post it here, seeing im writing the story with the eventual intention of creating a novel. So here it is! La Recherche! When your done reading I NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED!!!!!!!!!! FEEDBACK!!!! lol. plspls! good or bad feedback more than welcome, Im trying my best to be my best at writing!


All quotes are original, and done by me, The name Lawliet is not a rip off of death note... SORRY DEATH NOTE FANS! Juno IS NOT FROM THE NEW MOVIE "Juno". If I rip off someone ill be the first to let you all know! haha. 

Spoiler for:

   “Possession is the motivation of greed.”


   This is the beginning of a epic, yet long forgotten struggle between only a few people, but would have the power, to crush the entire universe. Everyone who listens to this tale, will be changed forever by the wonders you are about to behold. I will begin at the very genesis of the events that were to occur, right  in a kitchen, of a home in a small village, on the edge of the world.

   “Mathy I'm not cheating!” said little Kayla, as she glared  at her brother in disgust. “Kayla,  you have to be cheating, you've guessed every number right since we started this game.” Replied Mathy, With a equally menacing glare.

   “Both of you stop it, you both are only going to ruin a good game, can't you both just try to get along with each other for just one day?” Said Celina, the strong yet loving mother of both Mathy, and Kayla. “Your mothers right, give it a break you two, or else I will ground you both, just like last week.” Proclaimed There father, Jia.

   “Alright fine, then just let me do a test mom. Kayla go into the other room for a minute and I will pick a random card from the stack, If you guess this right then I know you aren't cheating.” Said Mathy in a Inquisitorial fashion.

   “Fine whatever you need to do you big crybaby!” Kayla said as she walked out of the room.

   Mathy Thought to himself. “Alright now that she's gone, I will choose two cards, so no matter what she says, she will be wrong. “ Then he turns around signalling Kayla to return to the playing area in the kitchen. “Here you go, this is your test, what card do I have behind my back?”


   “HAHA you're wrong, I have 2 cards behind my ba--.”

   “Also you have a 3 behind your back...”


   “YOU MUST BE USING MIRRORS OR SOMETHING!” Yelled Mathy as he is awestruck at her absolutely correct answers.

   “No I'm not, you just, would never understand, Mathy... I'm going to sleep now, goodnight everyone.” Said Kayla with a dark and slightly defeated voice.

   “I Think we should all go to sleep now, what do you say hun?” said Jia.

   “Yea I'm getting a bit tired as well Jia.” Replied Celina.

   Everyone soon followed Kayla to there respective rooms, Both parents slept together in the master bedroom, of the one story, yet spacious abode, the entire 4 membered family could call home. Mathy slept in the room nearest to the kitchen, and Kayla slept in the farthest room in the corner of the home. As everyone began to fall to the forces of slumber, one stayed awake, pondering of her existence, her power, her confusion.

   As Kayla Lays in her bed. Thinking to herself. “I just don't understand! Why am I able to sense things, that others cannot? Why am I able to read into other peoples thoughts? Why do I keep seeing things, and people, and voices. I'm just so scared, What if I have a disease? What if I'm hurting those around me?... This does it, I owe my brother an apology. Should I go to him now? Or wait until morning. SHEESH I'm just so split up on this. I need direction...”

   2 hours later...


   “Mathy. Wake up Mathy”

   “Huh, what's going on... Kayla? Why are you waking me up at this hour?” Said Mathy lazily as he tried to focus his eyes in the darkness, on the slightly disturbed, and nervous frame that is his sister.

   “I... I just wanted to apologize for earlier, and I have something I need to tell you, but I've just never been sure on how to tell you this... Or anyone for that matter.”

   “What is it Kayla?”

   “I, have some sort of thing, a difference, from anyone else I have ever met in my life, I am able to sense things, that others cannot, I'm able to see thoughts of others in my mind, To tell you the truth, it scares me beyond anything, or anyone...”



   “I don't believe anything your saying.”


   “WHAT, I'm standing here bearing my deepest secret to you but you don't believe me?”
   “Nope, what your saying to me is completely insane, how could I possibly believe what your saying to be true?”
   “Because it is! There's even these things that I keep seeing, about one certain person, who is always wearing a hood, to conceal his face, always saying I will find my other half, no matter what it takes.”

   “Go back to sleep Kayla, I don't have the patience to hear such things.”


   Kayla walks back out to her room. As Mathy thinks about what he just heard.

   “How could that have possibly been the truth, that makes no sense. None whatsoever. I can't believe that. Whatever the case, I'm tired, I'm going back to sleep...”

   The morning arrives, and Mathy awakes to the scent of freshly made chicken eggs, and fine honey bread. He quickly puts on clothing, and walks into the kitchen.

   “Mmmm, smells good mom, I hope you made a lot, I'm really hungry this morning.”

   “You should go wake your sister up, she's sleeping a lot later than usual this morning.”
   “Alright mom.”

   Then Mathy quickly walked towards her room, remembering pieces of the conversation they both had, late last night.

   “Kayla, Its time to wake up, breakfast is ready.”

   There is no reply as Mathy walks into the room and repeats himself.
   “Kayla, wake up, breakfast is ready!” as Mathy looks quizzically onto the situation, as he quickly realizes that she is not in her bed, or her room for that matter.

   A weird feeling then passes through Mathy's entire body as he remembers the part of the conversation he had with Kayla, about a person who is looking for his other half. Normally he wouldn't consider this at all, maybe she just went out early somewhere... But for some reason, he felt something different.

   “:MOM, DAD She's not in her room? I think she was... Was... KIDNAPPED!”
   “Kidnapped? Don't be so hasty, I'm sure she's just out doing something.” Said Jia, with a matter of factly tone.

   KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK, then echoed from the door.

   “Who is it?”

   Then without answer the door busted open and a very alarmed old man rushed in and before anyone could speak, he spouted.


   “What this? Are you sure?” Says Celina, in an increasingly alarmed tone.

   “Yes I am sure, not more then an hour ago, during a storm, I seen 4 strange looking people walking away with someone, who appeared to be a small lady, they were walking southward, on the path to the bay landing. After following them for a little while, I realized that it was your daughter, and they were kidnapping her.”

   “Celina, we should head to the island closest to us, if they were going to the bay, I'm sure they would have headed to the closest island for supplies, the mainland is to far away.” Said Jia, in a determined manner.

   “Alright, lets go, Mathy you stay here and look after the house.” Exclaimed the mother.

   After packing a few provisional supplies, both parents began to leave, and simultaneously said, Mathy, do not follow us. No matter how long we are gone.

   “But, MOM, DAD, What if you don't return? You cant expect me to just stay here, by myself.”

   Jia then turned around, shaking his head, “No you must stay here, There could be dangers beyond your comprehension, if you follow us. We will explain everything when we return. More lives are at stake then just our daughters please trust me. Son...”

   “Ok... Dad...”

   The dye has been cast, as the prologue of a tale, that shall shift the very balance of the universe itself has been unravelled. The following choices that will be made will alter first the fate of one man, then will alter the fate of everyone.


Spoiler for:
“There are many paths one may walk, but there is only one path that will stay true to your heart.”


   3 Months have past, and neither Mother, nor father have been heard from, Mathy has only waited this long, because his father specifically told him to, but his patience is beginning to reach his limits.

   “I know my father told me to stay behind, here in dumb old Anfang Village. I bet they are out there travelling the world, even though they may be worried, I bet there seeing some of the coolest things ever. I know I should listen to my parents, but since when have I ever done that... THAT SETTLES IT, ill head over to Eastern Island, to the port town of Mesol. I will find them all, I will get to the bottom of this. Just you wait dad. Mathy is on his way!”

   Mathy, who is 5 foot 9 inches, 190 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a blue coat and blue pants with a gold linen belt, looks far from a person who could change the fate of the entire universe, but looks can be deceiving...

   “I will take the small boat my father and I built before all this happened, and head to Mesol. If I leave today, I could be there by morning. “

   With eyes of determination, he begins to pack the bare minimum of provisions, and things, he may need, on the trip, and the small amount of florins he has amassed while doing menial chores for neighbouring townsfolk.. Florins are the currency accepted by most of the villages and towns within the world. The world itself is in a state of little to no government that may extend out of the individual villages themselves.

   “Here we go! This boat hasn't aged a day since I built it, probably because I haven't had many opportunities to use it.”

   Mathy promptly got onto his boat, and with a stick pushed himself away from the dock, which was a part of the village he was leaving behind for an adventure, he didn't have many regrets making the choice that he made. The only thought he could muster was one of heroism, one of saving the family he loves dear. It was quickly approaching night time as... 

   “OH NO I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT A STORM WOULD COME!” Yelled Mathy aloud to himself, as his boat was being rocked very hard in every direction except the one he was headed, it was as if the forces that call themselves gods, were trying to end his adventure right then and there. At that moment, a thunderous bolt of lighting came crashing down and the mast of the boat broke apart and one piece of the wood, crashed onto his head rendering him unconscious and everything went black.


   “What happened to me?” As everything began to take shape in his eyes, he stared upon a wreckage which was once his boat, the surrounding scene was one of many jagged rocks, and sand spotted in between them. From that he could not judge where he was, and the only thing he could do was move on, into an unknown land, searching for something of which he had no leads, how hopeless could his adventure be, from the very start...

   “I've lost all of my food, and by the looks of things, I've walked right into a large piece of nowhere, I guess the only thing I can do is go forward, and hope for the best. I'm sure there must be animals of some sort here, after all it is a forest.”

   Days turn to weeks as Mathy calmly, accepts this part of his quest, and survives off only a sharpened wooden sword, and his hunting skills he picked up in his life. He sleeps only when he absolutely has to, and moves forward as much as he can every day as he makes his way throughout this massive area, he passes through forests, and hills, and valleys, and plateaus, and even some arid desert regions. He finds no clues, to any human life, whatsoever, and discouragement begins to set in, when finally, the page turns to the next part of his quest...

   “Is that a town down there? It has to be!” Mathy pondered, as all he could make out were some lights, and faint noises, from atop of a large mountainous area, that is known as Floresta Azenda.

   “Perhaps it will be best to camp here, until morning, It will probably be dangerous to ascend from this place at night. Besides I'm getting pretty tired.”

   As Mathy set up camp, in a opening in some forest area within Floresta Azenda, he thought about what might happen the following day as he wanted the outcome to be good. He also thought once again on how he will find his family and put an end to this fiasco. He then began to fall asleep...

   “OoOoOoOoHhHhHhHhHh NnNnNnNoOoOoOoO” His mouth blankly uttered while he stirred in his sleep, a nightmare was about to begin, one he will have every day from here on out, for a very long time to come.”

   “This is where it said she would be Jia!” proclaimed Celina, as they rushed into a rather fiendish looking castle that had no decorations other than one nice red carpet, and a few old knights armour.

   “I hope she's OK, I Don't know what I would do, if that man does, what he said he would do to her... We need to hurry Celina.”

   They both rushed up the spacious opening of the castle, into a hall that had 2 stairwells both leading to different wings of the castle, and in front of them, there was a large balcony of which a king or official would come and give speeches to his loyal subjects...
   “Hmm there's two ways to go Jia, perhaps we should split up, that way we can cover more ground, we must hurry, Ill go right.”
   “Alright then Ill take the left.” Replied Jia.

   They both began to walk in separate directions when a door opened on the far side of the balcony, a females voice emerged.

   “I thought I heard a voice.” As the woman walked over to one side of the balcony to discover.

   “FATHER, MOTHER, Help me!”

   “KAYLA!”” They both screamed as they quickly went to the middle of the hall.

   “Hurry and jump down from there we will catch you.”

   “Alright... 1...2...--”

   A man suddenly grabbed Kayla, as she was about to jump, and threw her to the back of the balcony.

   “STAY THERE. I Have business to attend to with your... “Parents” The man said while cloaked in a black robe, and hood, which covered his face as so you could only see one small red figure in the shape of an eye coming from within it.

   “Welcome to the party, Jia, Celina, I hope you brought gifts, otherwise this could be a long night.”

   “Celina... This man... we need to retreat now and see if we can get reinforcements. He is much to powerful...” Uttered Jia in fear.

   They both began to back away from the site which was the cloaked man, and before they could escape, out of nowhere large stone pillars appeared blocking there paths.

   “I hope you like the refreshments here, You will be hear for a long time...”

   The cloaked man swooped down to the ground level, and began to chant words in a language that neither parents could decipher. Then out of nowhere, large purple lights formed over each of there heads, then it fell upon them, they both writhed in pain, a pain worse then any other they have experienced...

   Then Mathy woke up.

   “WHAT KIND OF DREAM WAS THAT!” He yelled.”It seemed so real, I could feel there pain... I must find them, I GOT TO NO MATTER WHAT!”
   Mathy, even more determined than ever quickly packed up camp, and began to head out to whatever those signs of life were. Would this be a safe trip there? Or would it be one of the hardest things he has ever done in his life.

   “Wow, this hill sure is oddly formed, It has many level surfaces, but no hills, Looks like I'm going to have to do some climbing in order to ascend this place.” He spoke to himself as he walked from his camp site, to the nearest opening.

   He walked forward passed the first opening, while reminiscing on his new found determination, when out of nowhere, something appears.


   “AHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT!” Mathy shouted, as a amorphous green blob like entity jumped out and started to slowly slither toward, him. He wasn't sure what it could possibly be but just to be sure, he pulled out his wooden sword that he used for hunting ever since he landed on this land. He then got closer to it, when all of a sudden, it jumped at his face and began to wrap its slimy tenticals around his neck, as if trying to choke him and strangle him at the same time. As it slowly started to suck the life out of him, he tried to slash it with his sword, with no effect. A Feeling of fear swept across his body as he began to feel weak, as he dropped to his knees, he then heard a loud thunderous crack of lightning, and the blob began to literally melt of his face, when he caught his breath, he realized there was no storm. So it must not have been what he thought it was. In any case, he's happy to be alive.

   “Whew, if that wasn't a blast, I hope I don't see any more of those around.” Just as he uttered those words, three more similar blobs appeared from the trees, the only thing he could do now is run. He sped past them, narrowly missing one of the blobs attempts to jump at him, just as the blob from before did. He seen the end of the first basin, and instead of taking his time to try to climb down the rocks, he made a leap of faith.

   “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....” Boom, he crashed, into the next surface, this one was much smaller, and no less harder surface than the first. He took his time getting to his feet, as that was much more painful then being suffocated. He then realized there were 20 more of these to go, if he was ever going to make it down from Floresta Azenda, he would have to keep jumping.

   2 hours later...

   “I've made it, I Think I can see a village from here, but I can barely walk, I should at least try to get there, perhaps they have an inn there, where I could rest...”


   Mathy began limping his way to what appeared to be a village. What seemed like a 10 minute walk took him two additional hours. As he just narrowly made it to the village gate, he collapsed. This was as far as he could go. He then thought if the people here were friendly enough to help him, he then softly uttered, “Help me...” Then he fainted once again.


   “Can you hear me?”


   “But mom I didn't take the cookie ehhh... OH what the, where am I?”

   “Its OK, your in the town of Wokia! My names Ganz, I run this town! Do you remember who you are?”

   “Yeah, my names Mathy, I'm on a search, looking for my parents. The last thing I remember is, trying to escape from some sort of Green blobby things, then trying to walk to a place that looked like a village. Then the next thing I know, I'm here. “

   “Well your in good hands now! That man over there, found you laying unconscious near the front entrance to our village.”
   Mathy then observed the scene he was in, It appeared to be a small hut, built with fine light wood, and only lit by the sun outside of the windows it had on one side of the room. The man who is sitting next to him, is a portly man, who claims to be the mayor of the village that he is within right now, and the other man was a peculiar looking introverted young man, with dark blue hair, and eyes that looked as if he hasn't slept in months.

   “My names Lawliet.” The man quickly said, and  then stood up, he seemed very tired, and had a slouched frame, he then left the hut, dragging his feet. Without even saying goodbye.

   “Quite an odd man, one would say, right mate!”

   “I guess so.” replied Mathy.
   “Well your free to go once you feel good enough, may I ask, what you were doing around these parts, We don't get a whole lot of outsiders, then in one day, we get two!”

   “You see I'm looking for my parents, and my sister, they all dissapeared, after my sister was kidnapped, and my wanderings have led me here. Wait I know, here's a picture of them! Have you seen them before?” Mathy then handed the picture over, of which Ganz, then promptly shook his head.


   “Nope never seen them before, sorry. Although, feel free to ask around if you'd like, also, you can stay as long as you would like right here in this hut, as long as no one else comes stumbling into are village in pain, hahaha. I'm sorry I must go now, if you want a tour of the city, please come see me again!”

   “Alright, thank you sir Ganz.”

   Then Ganz left the hut in an abrupt fashion. Leaving Mathy alone. Mathy then pocketed the picture of his family, hoping that someone would be able to lead him in some direction. ANY direction, Well no time like now to start my investigation into this village...


Spoiler for:
“The Menial goals in life, are the only goals that allow you to reach your destiny.”


   Mathy got out of bed to realize, he was stripped down into nothing but his underwear, after only seeing men so far, he could only think of one thing. “Perverts.” But that thought quickly was replaced by, alarm, as he heard something crash outside the hut, he then quickly got dressed, and headed outside, it was nearing nightime, and it seems a local drunkard, passed out right into a barrel. If that's any sign of things to come, it was going to be a long night of investigation.

   “Where is the first place I should investigate, From here I can see a pub, and a library, I'm sure  the library would be closed at this hour, perhaps I should try the pub.” Mathy then started to walk over to what seemed to be the biggest pub he has ever seen, for such a small village, that is an odd site indeed. I suppose, people in such a small village don't have much to do besides drink, and eat.

   Mathy then entered the pub, to see a glorious spectical, of stage dancers, and entertainers, and an aroma of fresh seafood. He then realized he hasn't eaten in a while, well any good food at least.

   “Perhaps I should try some of them clams I'm seeing everyone else eating. . . BUT I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY DO I!!!” After shouting that aloud, everyone looked at him, glaring in confusion, after a moment of awkward silence, Mathy quickly receded into the nearest chair at a small booth area in the corner of the room. When a gorgeous blonde haired female began to walk over to him, expecting her to be a waitress, he began to say, “I'm sorry I don't have any mon--. The woman then stopped him in mid sentence, and said, “If you need money, I have one simple task you could do for me. Ill give you plenty of florins, so you can eat here every day for a long time.”

   “What is it?” Mathy asked curiously.

   “All you have to do is travel to a town that's close by here, and pick up a package for me, upon returning, I will give you your florins.”

   “I would help you with it, but I'm in the middle of looking for my lost family.”

   “I've heard why your here, and if you help me, I might be able to lead you in the right direction...”


   “No, do this for me, and you will get your just deserts.”

   “Fine. How do I get to your city, and where is your package.”

   “All you have to do, is leave the city to the north, and once you reach a fork in the path, head east, and you will reach a bridge, follow the path from there, and you will reach Evona in no time.”
   “Go now, The mayor of the town holds the package, and hurry back.”
   “Cant I eat first?”

   “NO NOW GO!!!”

   “Alright fine...” Mathy gets up from the booth, and begins another quest, this one, although a lot less important that the one he is on now, could be a large stepping stone, into solving the quest he is currently worried about.

   “Wow I've been walking down this path for almost an hour, and I've yet to come across a fork in the road, I hope she knew what she was talking about, when she sent me out here.”

   Mathy continued to walk for a couple more hours, albeit a bit slower, due to his legs current strength, he then thought of giving up, and going back to Wokia, to force her to speak, but then he thought about the florins he could get from this as well, and thought better of going back.

   “Hey there it is, finally, a fork in the road. And there appears to be a sign.” The sign read, WEST, Nothing, EAST, Wokia-Evona Impasse. 

   “Well this must be the right way, I guess Ill go east. But I find it rather odd, that they would have a sign up that leads to nothing. Haha. Well it only signifies, the weird time I've been having.”

   He then walked for about one hour, covering a bit more distance that he made before, as now he has been affirmed that the woman was in fact not lying about the directions. Then he finally found his way to a river, a really rather large river, one that he could not pass by himself, the river seemed to lead through some high mountains. He then scanned across the river to find only half a bridge. And a man standing atop the bridge, Mathy yelled out to the man, the man quickly winced to see who was yelling and replied.


   “UH, ALRIGHT I GUESS!” Mathy yelled back to the man, as he realized detours always take forever... He began to walk away as night finally fell, onto the land. He wasn't tired so he felt like walking farther to cover more ground. As he was walking in the midst of the night, he began to hear footsteps, slow footsteps, that seemed to be dragging along the ground as he walked, he turned around and stared into the darkness, and a shadow emerged.

   “L-Lawliet? Is that you?” Mathy said, with a slight notion of trembling across his lips.

   “Yes.” Replied the shadow.
   “What are you doing all the way out here Lawliet? This has to be 15 miles away from the village!”

   “Im just wandering around.”
   “What? Your wandering around in the middle of the night?”

   “Yes.” Lawliet said, and without saying another word, he slowly walked away from the spot in which he stood. And left Mathy blank, as he went of into the middle of the night.

   “How odd, I wonder what he was really doing all the way out here. Well I better keep moving on if I expect to ever reach this Evona place. Oh? What's that on the ground. It looks like a torch? Did Lawliet leave that there? Well I better take it along with me.”

   Mathy then picked up the torch and continued on until he reached a small cavern like opening.

   “This must be it. Aqua Sana. I've never went inside a mountain before, This Ought to be interesting!”

   Mathy then walked in Unknowing of the many perils that awaited him within the cavern. Also an encounter, that will show him just what it means, that he has taken the responsibility of finding his family. As he entered, he began to notice, that the cavern was dark, with a colour of toxic purple, there were many geysers of bubbling dark miasma. The smell of the cavern was dark and dingy. How could this possibly be a suitable detour for any passer by. He then began to walk through the first large windy area of the cavern, it seemed that the bare minimum of carvings, that formed stairways were created as to be the only sort of comfort this place could offer. As he continued through, he began to hear voices, curious as to what those voices where, he got as close as he could to the scene, without being noticed. 

   “Do you think anyone's around bro?” Said one man, dressed in a uniform colour of green. Also sporting a green bandana that covered his hair.

   “No I'm sure we weren't followed.” Replied the other, who was dressed in a similar uniform, except his was orange.

   “Good, what do you think we should do next? We have a big meeting today, we should come up with something, that way we will make more money next month, if we can think of something that works.”

   “Well, here's my idea, why don't we urge the orange and green groups, to pillage the town of Evona. The town is full of riches, and would be perfect for our band to raise name, and get a nice amount of gold on the side. It would be perfect, and we can always tell all the grunts that we need to pillage the town, in order to get the food we need to survive! Its the perfect plot.”

   “Your right, were gunna get some nice bonuses this month ha-ha.”
   “Well we better go, Ill meet you at the camp in 3 hours.”


   Mathy waited for an extra 2 minutes to ensure that the coast is clear. Then he continued on, many paths twisted and winded, as he delved deeper into the cavern of aqua sana. The only lights, were stone statues, that emitted an eerie blue light from the bases of them. Mathy stopped just before he heard more voices, this time the voices were alarming, as if something had happened.

   “We think someone overheard a conversation we had earlier boss.”

   “Well then why didn't you catch him?”

   “We didn't want to take any rash actions without your knowledge boss.”

   “Well you need to find him and catch him now. Dead or alive. Now go.”

   “Alright Boss.”

   Mathy, overhearing this, hides behind the side of the entrance way to where the people spoke, his heart began to race. “Could they be talking about me?” He thought, as he frantically thought as to how they could have seen him.


   “But how? How could they have seen me, well I guess the only option is to fight!” As he pulled out the only item he had capable of fighting... His wooden sword. As he turned to confront his attackers, he seen 2 men, both dressed as he had seen before, but both were in red outfits, along with two wild looking dogs. When above him, a long black item came from the ceiling, and hit him across the head, then into his hands as he caught it. It seemed to be a sword. He quickly looked up to see one eye staring at him from a crawl hole in the ceiling. Then the eye and whoever possessed that eye quickly dissapeared into the crawl area above him. The sword was fashioned in a dense Eastern style, and curved much like a katana. Mathy unsheathed the blade, of which the blade had an inscription on it.

   “To the wielder of meaning. To the possessor of power.” Directly below the inscription were many different coloured encrusted gems. Mathy thought to himself. “This is a pretty nice sword to just be throwing at people. Well I hope I can use it right.

   “GET HIM!” The men shouted as the dogs both lunged at Mathy with a fury of two great demons. And at that moment, Mathy slashed, then in one moment the entire room glowed red, and temporarily blinded him. After the glow dissipated, he seen that both of the dogs were dead, sprawled out on the ground in front of him, torn in half.

   Both men stepped back in the spectical they just witnessed. Mathy then looked forward, and stared at the men, as they quickly turned and ran off into the darkness. Once Mathy seen that he was safe, he dropped the sword onto the ground and stepped back. He was completely unsure of the power he just used that could rip through both of them dogs asunder.

   “Wow... Was it the sword that could produce such an energy? Well in any case, this is the best option I have, if I'm going to make it through this cavern alive.” He then retrieved the sword from where he had dropped it, and continued onward. It appeared that a river also flows through parts of the cavern, as there were many areas separated by small wooden bridges. Its almost as if a group of people have taken shelter here, and are trying to keep the place stable. He walked through many different walkways with no other signs of life, and the cavern kept getting darker and darker, in fact it became so dark, Mathy had to use his torch once again.   He sheathed the sword and placed it on his belt. When he lit the torch, it appeared he had entered a small dark corridor, that was merely hollowed out like a cave, there were no real formations on any part of the walls or ceiling. He continued walking down the path until he heard footsteps coming from either direction.

   “Oh no have they trapped me? Really? Are they this clever? Who are these people?”

   “We are the Thieves guild, and you just stumbled onto our main camp. We don't put up with interlopers so its time for you to die.” A man said as he walked up behind Mathy, who took out a dagger and pointed it to the back of Mathy's neck. “Do you have any final words before I kill you?”

   “Yes. Yes I do, my family is missing and your blocking my way!” Mathy then pulled out his sword, and threw it into the air, then he swung around with his hand in the air, he caught the sword and knocked the dagger from the thieves hand.

   “Hmm, it seems you have some skills with that sword, you better be careful, or you might get cut.” Then the thief pulled out a long sword, and began to show a demonstration of his skills. At which, Mathy swung his sword in a mighty fashion, which cut through the Thieves sword and cut through his chest. The Thief began to bleed profusely as he fell to the ground.

   “Wha, what kind of power is that. Who are you...” Then the thief died. As his body slumped to the ground with a thud.

   “To tell you the truth, I'm not sure who I am right now. Not anywhere on this planet have I seen such a power come from a sword. I don't know if its fate that I wield this sword, or if any man can use the sword in this fashion. That's just not my concern at the moment, I must continue on with getting this package, so I can finally find my family.

   Mathy then sheathed his sword and kept moving through the corridor until he reached another area, it was really large, and there was a gushing waterfall that whipped through it. There were also many higher up, balcony like ledges, that had holes jutting into them. And in front of him there was a narrow pathway, that was succeeded by a very dark passageway. He quickly figured that it would be a perfect place for an ambush, and he would have nowhere to run. Seeing no other option, he continued to walk forward, only with a sense of caution, and his hand was tightly grasping his sword. He squinted very hard, as he was trying to peer into the darkness for any sign of movement. He did not see any, and continued to walk forward until he reached the narrowest part of the path, where the waterfall was closest to him. When he heard several loud thuds, from either side of him. Then from behind him a hand grasped his sword from the hilt, and ripped it from his own hand, and unsheathed it. Doing this  made the now weapon less Mathy almost fall into the waterfall. He regained his footing and turned around. It appeared to be a man dressed in complete orange, but he garnished a small emblem that must have signified that he was some sort of general, or leading man.
   “Looks like you have nowhere to go. You put up a good fight, but now its your time to die.” The Orange dressed man then threw the sword off the side of the path, and right into the waterfall. He then motioned several people dressed in red to come forward on both sides of Mathy. The only action Mathy could take now was to pull out his wooden sword, and attempt to fend off the assailants. As the men began to walk onto the narrow pathway, the ground began to shake. Then it collapsed, sending Mathy and two of the men dressed in red to fall along with him.

   “Am I going to die here?” He thought to himself as all he could hear was 2 men screaming as they fell to what would appear to be there deaths. The fall seemed to take minutes, but in reality it only consumed at the interval of ten seconds, as they all landed into the water below. The blow was hard on his body but, he was able to gain his bearings, and he swam as quickly as he could to the surface. He then seen a pathway on the eastern side of him, and he quickly swam to that location, and got out of the water. He then waited to see if the thieves were to reappear as well. After one minute they did not appear. Mathy then began to walk away as he realized that his sword was thrown off the waterfall as well. The sword was vital to his survival, and he thought the better of it, and decided to dive into the water to retrieve his sword, and then continue on.

   “Hmm, I wonder why those men didn't reappear? I wonder if the impact killed them. Well at any rate, here goes nothing!” Mathy then jumped into the water, and began to swim to the bottom. It wasn't that deep as he quickly reached the bottom of it. He then scanned the surface area and did not see his sword. When in front of him he began to see a huge shadow growing bigger and bigger, then from the shadow teeth appeared, and within the teeth were the mangled bodies of the two men who were dressed in red. As the rest of the being appeared, Mathy spotted his sword, lodged within the right eye of the now fully uncloaked beast. Mathy was beginning to run out of air, as the beast spotted him, and started to rush for him. Mathy began to panic as he was beginning to shake from lack of oxygen, and the beast was nearing his destination. He decided that the best course of action would be to quickly swim to the side of the beast and grab the sword, right as the beast opened his mouth to consume him. The beast was huge in stature, but as round as a bubble. Its eyes were huge and green, and menacing. Its skin was slime green and silver in colour.


   “Alright now is the time.” As Mathy swam as fast as he could to the right of the beast, just as it opened its mouth to claim its prize. Then Mathy grabbed the sword, and the monster began to turn about violently. Mathy then clung his body to the sword, and stuck his feet directly into the eye of the beast and kicked out. The sword came undone as the monster roared in agony, and its eye began gushing red and green liquids from the wound. Then it swam away as Mathy rushed to the surface. Just as he began to see the surface his lungs began to gasp for air, and he inhaled a very large amount of water, then he reached the surface, and began to cough intensely. Blood and water gushed from his mouth as he treaded his way to the side of the water, and he slowly got out and sprawled onto the ground. As he kept coughing, the entire surface of the water then turned green and red, with the various liquids that the eye of that monster poured out. Then as if it was an acid, the water began to boil, and gush into the air. Mathy the decided that it may be best if he left here before that thing came back.  He then slowly stood up and began limping down the path.

   “Wow. Just how many more weird things am I going to see here before I leave. I've had more than enough of this place to last a lifetime. First a trap, then an ambush, and then I almost drown, trying to get my sword back from some weird fish thingy. Im definatley going to ask for a lot more florins from that lady.”
   The path became narrower, and eventually turned into a corridor, being cautious of another trap, he kept his sword unsheathed and in position to strike if need be. He kept walking weakly as he was still in bad condition from the water and the fall. When he came upon an opening, within the opening was another area that had a small river like expanse flowing through it. And on a rock wall to the side of the river, was what appeared to be a switch. And just after that appeared to be another corridor. He leapt across the small river, and continued to investigate the switch. It was more than a switch, as it also had a small 3 digit dial upon it, and a keyhole. Underneath the switch a small message read.

   “Place the key in, and enter the key, then the switch will work.”

   Having no key, he figured it would be best to continue on, and see what he could find. So he paced on, into the next corridor. He walked for what seemed to be 10 minutes, until he seen light.

   “Could this be the way out?” He said aloud as he began to jog, and eventually run until he reached the opening. Then he fell with one tremendous thud, landing just in the middle of the are that separated the cavern, and what appeared to be the outside world.

   “Oh no, I forgot about the condition of my legs. I sure am weak, I should have rested longer. But if this is fate, I met that lady just at the right time for this. I need to continue on.” Mathy then slowly stood up and began walking once again. The land he saw in front of him was a large expanse of green lands, it was a very flat area, with little to no trees or formations to speak of. The rest of the way to Evona should be a cake walk from here. He then remembered the conversation the two thieves had from earlier. He heard them speak of pillaging Evona, He began to walk faster, as fast as his weak legs could take him. He realized that many peoples lives could be at steak if he doesn't warn them.


Spoiler for:
“Life, death, and fate, the three constants in our universe. The only things we can rely on that will happen.”


   “Well Im almost there, I can see the village now. It sure looks magnificent from here. The building are all built 3 stories tall, and as I get closer I can see that they are made from the finest woods, and painted with the finest of oils and leads.” Mathy thought to himself as he gained ground onto yet another village within this unknown land. As his eyes focused into the village he seen a group of people running out the other end of the village, carrying some sort of sacks on there backs. Once he reached the village, It was a scene of utter distress, the villages denizens were running about from home to home, and one man came upon him with an urgent face.

   “WHO ARE YOU! HAVE YOU COME TO STEAL OUR PROPERTY AS WELL?” said the man in an extremely alerted tone.

   “NO I would never, Im just hear to Pick up a package, from the mayor. A woman in Wokia asked me to come for it.”

   “I am the mayor of Evona. My name is Kale. We were just pillaged from a bunch of thieves wearing uniform colours. They called themselves the Thieves Guild.”

   “Oh no I was to late. Im sorry to hear this Mayor Kale. Is there anything I can do for you?” As he said that he realized he might be in for another long quest. “Do you have the package for me?”

   “No that was taken in the pillage, but I did find a key that a thief dropped when they were exiting the village. I also overheard them talk about a secret entrance into there camp in Aqua Sana... If you get what I'm saying.”

   “Your saying you want me to find a way, all by myself to find all of your stolen goods, and defeat the thieves?”

   “Yes, you have a sword, your the only one with a chance, we don't carry a force of guards in our village. We have always assumed that life would be peaceful here no matter what.”

   “Well that's a bad assumption, If you think about it, this place is a prime target for thievery and blackmailing, due to how wealthy you all are. Actually I'm curious HOW ARE you all so rich?”

   “Well we were able to invest in natural resources and find huge reserves of Gold, and materials that create florins. We were all lucky indeed.”

   “So I'm going to have to go back into Aqua Sana, at least do you have anything that could aide me in this?”
   “Yes, yes we do, we have stockpiled some reserve items underground in case of a disaster. We have the finest of potions and herbs. Made from the best of scientists and alchemists. If you would just follow me I'm sure we can lend you some for the road.”

   “Alright.” Then Mathy began to follow mayor Kale into a building that appeared to be a food and trinket market. Then once inside the door he pulled a rug out from beneath one of the isles, which uncovered a trap door. The Mayor then opened the door and motioned Mathy to follow him down. The room beneath was dimly lit with a couple of torches. He then uncovered a small box that had 10 vials in it. Each one was a different colour. Each one was labelled as the following. Zel .0, Tak .0, Rez .0, Lam .0,  Aug .0, Zel .1, Tak .1, Rez .1, Lam .1, and Aug .1.

   “I have no idea what the differences are, I guess the best thing to do is try them when you think you need them haha. Well good luck.”

   “Yeah, thanks. Im heading out now, if I don't come back you know why... (Greedy son of a..)”

   “What's that?”

   “Nothing, nothing sorry hehehe...”

   Mathy then left again, As he was leaving, he smelt the sweetest smell he has ever smelt, almost as if he could no longer walk forwards, he turned abruptly in the direction of the smell. He then stopped at a door that was locked, he tried jiggling the door.

   “WHAT AM I DOING??? I just realized I haven't eaten ever since I reached Wokia. I really need to eat.” As he was inadvertently jiggling the door, it opened. A short blond woman and a tall green haired man emerged. Then the blond Haired Lady began to speak.

   “Why are you trying to get inside my door, do you really expect me to leave it unlocked after what just happened?”

   “OH oh, no I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just haven't eaten in days, and I smelt a absolutely gorgeous smell coming from here.”

   “Well Its Ok, I was just making a Avan Berry Pie. It's a secret Elven recepie. I've never turned back a hungry person in my life, and Im not about to now, even though we have very little resources.”

   “Thank you, I hope it tastes as good as it smells.” Mathy said as he was rubbing his stomach.

   “Well don't just stand there, come on in, oh by the way, this is Juno, he has come all the way from the Vayurn forest, just to relay a message to the mayor. Im the only human he has ever met besides the mayor now. May I ask what your name is?”
   “I am Mathy, I have been looking for my parents for a long time now, and my journey has landed me here.”

   “Interesting.” Said Juno as if he was in the conversation from the beginning. He then continued to say, “Do you really carry such emotions for a “family”. If an Elven family were to go missing, we would assume the Forest Gods had a reason for it, and would carry on with life.”
   “I WOULD NEVER, I mean I would never just abandon my family, I don't care about any sort of customs of any race, all that matters to me is, finding my family, and apologizing to my... my sister.

   Juno then stood up, and began to pat Mathy on the back with an apologetic face. “It's OK, I would never second guess the beliefs of the human race. Im glad to see such resolve. If my people would have that, perhaps they would all venture outside of the forest like I have.” Then he sat back down, expecting another conversation.

   “You mean the elves never leave the forest?”

   “Nope, never. They believe the forest is the only safe haven  from all the evils from the outside.”

   “You mean to tell me there are no evils within the forest?”

   “Well that's not specifically true either. We have had many times where our village had to fend of demonic creatures, and invading clans, but our village also believes that it is the Forest God who delivers these tests, as punishment for wrongdoings within our village.”

   “Does your forest God have a name?”

   “Yes, we refer to him as Samuhel. He provides us with all the resources we need in order to carry out our lives, and help maintain the Vayurn forest, and help it flourish and grow larger.”

   “I might be going a bit to far by asking this, but why would an elf, such as yourself, who never leaves the forest. Leave the forest just to relay a message to a mayor of a small village?”

   “The message was of great importance, and it is vital to the forests survival. We believe that the forest God himself may be in danger. I would tell you more, but I am under orders to discuss the matter with no one other than the mayor.”

   “Alright, thank you kind lady for the pie, but I really must be going to retrieve the stolen goods from your village.”

   At that, the woman then stood up and looked analytically at Mathy for a few seconds, then she said. “You mean to tell me the mayor is sending one kid, to save all of our possessions, has he gone mad?” Then Juno stood up, and went to the corner of the room, and retrieved a large black case, he then set it on the table and opened it. It was a recurve bow, which had an intricate design of vines and leaves completely across the entire bow. There were also 30 arrows within a pack that had a similar design on it. The arrows were made from Oakwood, and there were feathers on the end, which were green and white in colour.

   “Here Mathy, you may borrow this, as long as you bring it back to me. You are going to need more than one sword if you plan to take down an entire band of thieves. Actually to be honest, I don't believe you will come back alive, but if I make you obligated to bring this back to me, I don't think I'll be missing my bow for very long. Good luck Mathy.”

   “Th, thank you. I will do my best to bring this back to you.” Then Mathy stood up from his chair, and brandished the bow and placed the pack of arrows around his back. He then waved goodbye to them, and headed out. As he left the home, it seemed to be getting around noontime as the sun was directly above him. He began to walk down the same path he arrived on, this time feeling somewhat better, as he had food in him, and a few minutes to rest and talk to some decently normal people for a change. He then took the key he acquired from the mayor and looked at it. He tried to think back to when he was in Aqua Sana, if he seen any area where a key could be inserted, but to no avail. He then began to think if there were some sort of path he didn't take, but couldn't come up with any answer. Then he began to think about the bow he just received from that Elven man. He began to chuckle to himself as he thought. “Oh boy another task. After I'm done killing some bandits, and then be able to receive that package, for that woman. I have to travel to wherever Juno will be and give him his bow back. This is beginning to feel like I'm an errand boy and not an investigator trying to find my family.”

   He kept thinking to himself as he walked at a normal pace to the cavern he just came from. Even though it sounded like an impossible mission to defeat an entire band of thieves, just by himself, he somehow felt like he could do it. With the power from that sword he got, from that unknown person up in that crawlspace. He almost knew he could do it, but come to think of it.

   “I've never killed someone before today. How come I didn't feel anything after I killed him, I just moved along without caring. If it were any other time, I would have probably been shocked at the least. Am I really that determined, that I would kill others just to reach my goals. What have I become? Well I shouldn't think about it, I should move on in whatever direction I feel is the right one. No matter what I have to do, I will do it just to find you Jia, Celina, and you Kayla.”

   Mathy then reached his destination, the very hole in the cavern he came out of. If it were any indication of a key, that could be used within this cavern, it was the switch he found. Within the cave, near the very exit he stood in front of now. What difficulties would await him? He would soon find out, as he walked into Aqua Sana, The dark water cavern of fate.


Spoiler for:
“Determination, is scaled by motivation, and desperation scaled by resolve.”

-   Renus

   Mathy stood determined, as he stared inside the caverns entrance. It seemed much darker within that it was only a few hours ago. He then brandished his torch, but it was unlit.

   “How did I light this before, come to think of it, I never actually lit it before, it had lit by itself. How is that even possible? What's even more bizarre is that I didn't notice it before.” Mathy, then tried to think back to when it lit the first time. It was just as he first needed it when he came into the cavern. The best he could do to remember, was not enough, as all he could think of was it lighting on its own.
Mathy then slowly walked into Aqua Sana, as he knew that these thieves were quite good at springing traps and ambushes. He continued to walk forward into the darkness, holding the unlit torch in hand, then as if out of nowhere, it lit.

   “Hmm, it must be that it will only light in the darkness. I wonder what kind of trickery could possibly allow that to be possible.” He pondered to himself as he walked farther and farther into the darkness, until he reached the very same room that carried within it, the switch that was accompanied by a keyhole, and a dial. He then walked up to it, and examined it. It appeared that the dials and they switch could not be activated until the key was inserted. He then took out the key that he had, and put it into the keyhole. After that they key became locked into the device, and the dial lit up. Unsure what to do, Mathy decided first to try a random combination. He input the digits 5-6-9. Then tried the switch. Then a short space away, just up a small pathway to the right of him, something began to beep. One beep, then two beeps, then BOOM. Something had exploded, and the force of the explosion nearly knocked Mathy to the ground.

   “Was that the trap?” Mathy heard, a slight bit further from the area that had exploded.

   “Yes, that must have been, We should go and see if we got someone.”

   “You put it in the wrong place you dimwit. How would anyone die, if the box exploded here, and not where the switch puller is...”

   “Umm, Uhh, I don't know?”

   “Damn right you don't know. That's why the orange squad is better than your puny green squad.”

   “Hey Don't be so mean to my squad, We have done much more than your squad has. Not to mention we have been around much longer than your squad.”

   “You know what? Instead of all this bickering, why don't we go and see what triggered the trap eh?”
   “Your right, lets go and see.” Im itching for a fight!”

   Mathy then dropped his torch to the ground, and it went out. Then he quickly grasped onto his sword, and began to pull it out from its casing. Then footsteps began to make there way closer and closer to his position, and from behind the rocky corner of the pathway, came 2 men, They were the same 2 men who ambushed him at the waterfall. From what he heard, they must be 2 generals within the ranks of the Thieves Guild.

   “Oh its you again. I thought you would have died from that fall you took. Its amazing to see such stamina. We could really use someone like you in the thieves guild. What do you say, why don't you join us? There are a lot of “fringe benefits”, we will even give you a leading position! Said the one in Green.

   “If you refuse, then we will just have to kill you here, for intruding into our own private hideaway.” Said the other thief, as he grasped two daggers, from either side of him. He then took them out and prepared to strike. Just as he was about to, he was stopped by the Green general.

   “What do you think your doing? You seen what he has done so far, He mangled them dogs, destroyed that man, and defeated the Agriban Bass. Do you really think you can defeat him by yourself?”

   “That's a good question! Im going to have to think about it for a few minutes... BOYS come kill the intruder immediately.” Then at that moment 10 men dressed in red appeared on all sides of Mathy. Each one brandishing a dagger, and a slightly longer sword, that was curved.

   “This must be your elite squad.” Said Mathy, as he looked to all sides of him. Mathy then took both the bow, and the arrow pack, and laid them onto the ground. Then he also laid his sword onto the ground.

    “Have you given up? Why would you lay down your arms? Everyone ATTACK!” Yelled the man in orange. Then all of the thieves, who surrounded Mathy, lunged into the air at once. Mathy then grabbed one of the arrows from the grounded pack, then threw it into the air. The Thieves then closed in with there sword onto Mathy. Right as they were about to strike down, He ducked and grabbed his sword, And guarded all of there blows at once. Then pushed upwards against them. The arrow then landed into the middle of the array of swords, and as all the thieves pulled up, the sword lodged there swords together, just long enough for Mathy to lunge outward from the deadly circle. He then rushed for the two generals who were standing there in awe of the spectical they are witnessing. Once they realized this, they both jumped out of the way, and ran off down the path.

   “Take care of the intruder, you dogs.” The man in orange said just as he disappeared into the darkness.”

   Then Mathy turned around, and faced the crowd of thieves, there were eight in number. They formed a line, and each one, with faced undaunted by fear, began to rush Mathy. He then took his sword and held it horizontally in front of him. As the thieves rushed him, two of the them, from each end of the line, began to run faster and then jumped to either side of Mathy and then came into attack. Mathy then slashed in a horizontal three hundred and sixty degree circle. Then both thieves fell to the ground. Mathy then shifted his sword to become vertical. The next two thieves came from either end, and one jumped behind him, and the other in front of him. They then came into attack. Mathy then slashed his sword downward into the heart of the first thief. Then Mathy pointed his sword behind him, and the slashed upward quickly. The sword went directly through the front of the second thieves head. Then they both fell to the ground. Mathy then  shifted his sword, so it would be diagonal. The remaining four thieves then jumped and positioned themselves as to flank all four corners of Mathy. Then they came into attack. Mathy then leapt onto one foot, and slashed his sword diagonally, and while on one foot, slid and chopped in an “x” shape. Before even one Thief could slash, they all fell to the ground. As Mathy felt the danger pass, he then fell to the ground in disbelief.

   “What the hell? How, how did I just survive this? I don't understand. How could I have acted so calmly, during this? That could not have been the sword. I've never had to survive like this! Is my determination really carrying me this far?” Mathy said, his face shocked, and unblinking in stature. He then stood up, and picked up his bow, and arrows. Then he sheathed his sword, and began to walk down the now opened path, that the thieves had ran down in fear.

   Mathy then entered a new area, it was larger, then most of the areas he has been in. There seemed to be a lot of boxes and barrels within it.

   “This must be there camp. I wonder where everyone is? The fires are still going! This is strange, it must be a trap... Better be careful... But damn Im getting sick of these traps, they are getting really predictable. Well at the least I better be cautious.” Mathy then grabbed his sword once again, and walked forward slowly. The area was like a corridor, that used the caves natural pillars as support. Mathy then stopped as he seen shadows coming from two of the offshoots at the end of the corridor. From them emerged four figures. Two men, and two woman. The two men were the same two than ran from Mathy within the room just before this one. The other two, were woman, that Mathy had never seen before. They both dawned similar green, and orange vestments, and the same emblem on them, which must have signified that they were generals within the thieves guild as well.

   “We have no idea who you are. We no longer want to know who you are, but the only thing we want to know is, how you have defeated so many of us, by yourself. For your transgressions, we will kill you now.” Said the man in green as he drew out two daggers.

   “This guild is just trying to survive! Why do you seek to destroy us? Alright everyone, draw your weapons!” Said the other man in Orange.

   “What? You really expect us to fight? We can't fight! Why don't you two kill him yourself, he's just one man!” Said the woman in Green.

   “Yea she's right. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” Said the other woman.

   “Uhh, ALRIGHT FINE! If we have to do this ourselves, then FINE!” Then both of them rushed to Mathy's position. Mathy then began battle with them. They switched blows back and forth forth a minute or two, and they all began to get tired.

   “You two are a good match for me I see. I haven't even had a real challenge up until now. You two must have a strong will to survive I say.” Said Mathy, in a matter of factly tone.

   “We will never lose to you. You scoundrel!”

   “Scoundrel is it! You guys are the ones who raided an entire village!”

   “They are rich, beyond rich. They can recover easily! Besides we needed to survive!”




   After about a minute of silence, staring at each other,  they began to battle once again. After seeing the skill of Mathy, and the two thieves, the woman both became rather bored and left into a room directly forward from the corridor. As the trio of men fought, four daggers aga
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