Just an Icon Pack [RMXP]

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Level 88
Credit: The Eclipse Team

I'm not sure who in the Eclipse Team exactly, but I'm pretty sure its one of them.

All I did was get the icons in a format that is usable in RMXP. Credit me for that if you want.

What's in this pack:
  • 65 "special" icons. Would be good for magic/skill icons.
  • 8 armor icons.
  • 5 potion icons.
  • 1 weapon icon. (I'm working on getting more set up right.)

This is the first version- 0.1

I'll be updating this regularly. (Hopefully...)

When I get all the icons done, this pack will have a crapload of icons.

Anyway, enjoy!

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This is a pretty useful pack.^_^
But next time add variety to the icons.
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The next update will have more icons. Note that this is a work in progress.

And thanks. ;D