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Since there's only so many, you can't nominate for this and will be able to vote when voting begins.

ahref (everything else forum)
AlianceKing2007 (super mod)
Arrow-1 (mod)
Arwym (bean bags forum)
Crankeye (admin)
Falcon (scripts forums)
GilgameshRO (mod)
HaloOfTheSun (super mod)
Holkeye (the auditorium)
Irock (resources forums)
Kashii (bean bags forum)
King Anesis (mod)
landofshadows (resources forums)
Lavata (gallery forum)
Malson (super mod)
modern algebra (Tutorials and event systems, Tutorial Database, Event Systems Database)
Nouman (super mod)
RL / Arlen (super mod)
Roph (admin)
Tezuka (trading forums)
Tsunokiette (mod)
Zeriab (mod)

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