Teleportation Item Tutorial

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Teleportation Item Tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a basic teleportation item. This item will teleport you to one specific location. I hope you find this information to be helpful, in one way or another. This is using some screwed up version of RPG Maker XP no one has, so wording may vary, depending upon your version of RPG Maker XP.

  • RPG Maker XP
  • Little Eventing Knowledge

Spoiler for Step 1:
Step 1
Let's start by creating a new item. You should have opened the database {Tools > Database, or F9 on your keyboard) and have clicked on the "item" tab. This will bring up this window. Click on Data Max Change, and up the number by one. This will create a new place for your item.

Spoiler for Step 2:
Let's set our usability to "Menu" unless you want your players to teleport out of battle. Be sure to also select a common event. We need this for the eventing portion of the item.

Spoiler for Step 3:
Click on the Common Event tab. Select the common event we chose for our item, and make sure Event Start Condition is set at "none." Now create a new event.

Spoiler for Step 4:
Under the second tab, select "teleport."

Spoiler for Step 5:
Now click on the "Set Position" box.

Spoiler for Step 6:
Next, select the location you want the item to teleport the player to.

Spoiler for Step 7:
Now we're done! Let's test it out.

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Simple, but very nice. If you wanted to, it might be a nice feature to show the game maker to change the target of the teleportation through variables. It would be a pretty simple addition and allow for some nice functionality with checkpoints. Overall, a nice tutorial

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Simple, but yet effective and straightforward.
A lot of screenshots, less words; which can explain stuff a lot faster.

Good job, Irock.
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