[GM] Tutorial Suggestions Get?

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I know they exist, I can look for them the problem is
I have a project to make, and I need to find some tutorials and dun know which to look for.

in the following spoiler is the game's concept document
steal it and I will rape you
Spoiler for:
presented by:

You are a master of the high magical arts
Monsters exist simply to do your bidding
Join the Tournament of Ages and prove that you
are the most powerful

 (Game Summary)
You are a summoner, one who summons monsters and controls their actions.
SUMMONERS is a tactical battle game, where you summon and utilize these creatures to defeat the opposing player in a duel
Summon monsters to battle and order them forth, to destroy your opponents creatures, and ultimately cause their defeat

(Game Overview)
SUMMONERS is a tactics game
You play a high-mage, or Summoner, who has the ability to call upon monsters from one element to do your bidding

--Key Game-play Mechanics--
Turn Based
AT the beginning of each term, 6d6 are rolled.
the numbers on these dice determine which monsters
you can summon and which spells can be cast
(obviously, more powerful monsters/spells require a higher amount of dice or a smaller range of numbers required)
The Summoners cannot move, and are on either end of the board, the monsters can move freely, 1 space per turn equal to their agility (agi) value
Each monster has a specific power (pow) which determines
how much hit-points (HP) of damage they deal to opposing creatures
it takes 3 attacks from ANY monster(s) to defeat a Summoner
When a monster attacks another monster, the attacked is allowed
to choose between counter and defend
if they counter, they take full damage and deal damage back
if they defend, their defense (def) decreases the damage taken by it's value
the spell system is similar to the monster system
on your turn, you cast spells the same way that you summon monsters
and their effects are immediate and, unless otherwise stated,
only last until the end of the card's action

I just need to know which tutorials to look for
links would be nice but if you just tell me a site name it'll work fine.

thanks in advance for any help

(in case you're wondering, the project is for my IMGD1001 course at college [IMGD == Interactive Media and Game Design] which is a core class for my major)

edit: I know about the sticky, I'm gna look at the files, but I'm wondering if there's more that I should look at kthxbye
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I can't help you, this style isn't my forte. :(