How to make Combination Attacks! (RMXP)

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What this is...

  Basically, if you've ever played a game like Rouge Galaxy you will see that some attacks require certain characters to be in the party. This simple tutorial will show you how to make attacks require having certain characters in the party.

How to do it...

Step #1.
Go into "Database" and choose "Common Events".

Step #2.
Make the event's trigger "parallel" or "parallel process". Then, create a switch for the attack.

Step #3a.
Go to "Event Commands" and make Conditional Branches. On the 2nd page of the Conditional Branch box, there is your party commands. Set whatever characters you need to be in the party to "is in party".

Step #3b.
If you need more characters just repeat Step #3a withing the Conditional branch.

Step #4.
When you have all the characters you require, simply go to the third page of Event Commands and find "Change Skills". Set the skill you want to be a combo attack.

Step #5.
Now in all the "Else" places that are made by the Conditional Branches Do the Change Skill command, only this time take the attack away.

Step #6.
When you want the player to be able to use this skill, simply activate the switch for it when you need to.


Here's a screen of an example of what a finished one looks like.
<New screen to come soon>

Please, tell me what you think of this tutorial. I'm sorry if its not very useful. I figured out how to do this, so I thought I would share it.

Credits not required but would be appreciated. :blizj:
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I don't know much about eventing for battles or skills, but this looks good and was easy to follow.

A suggestion to make the event a little (lot) shorter:
Code: [Select]
Change Skills: [Vince], - [World's End]
Conditional Branch: [Sinu] is in the party
  Conditional Branch: [Mae] is in the party
    Change Skills: [Vince], + [World's End]
  Branch End
Branch End

I'm not sure where the appropriate spot for Erase Event is there (why you do it when you remove the skill but not when you give it?)  I'm also not sure why you USE Erase Event and not just Exit Event Processing or turn the switch off, but as I said - battle and skill events are new to me.
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Oh yeah, the erase events were an old thing I had in there. I'm not able to upload new screens often so that is an old screen.

And your way might work. (I'd have to test it.)

Thanks. :blizj:

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Simple, and well done. Good job.

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Thanks, I'm pretty sure the way shaz put it also works. (Sorta tested) :blizj:

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As to the Erase Event commands. They are unneccesary, as it is a common event it will run all the time regardless. Exit Event Processing would similarly be useless (it would not stop the event from running every frame even if they were local events) and turning off the switch would require you to turn the switch on every time there is an opportunity to choose another player. The way you suggest this being used is to be called every time you add a party member. There's no reason to make it a parallel process at all if you are using it this way, since it would be better to just use Call Common Event. You only need it to be parallel if the player has an opportunity to change his party in another way (for instance, with a Reserve Party and Switcher script). In that case, turning the switch off would be a bad idea since you wouldn't know when the switch needs to be turned on.

Given that situation, where you do need parallel processes, I suggest adding a Wait command at the end, thus reducing the strain it is putting on the system (and it doesn't need to run every frame, after all)

In any case, I moved it to the database.

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Thanks for the move and I'm gonna put up a new screen to remove any confusion.

I realized about 5 minutes after I made the screen that I didn't need the Erase Event commands. :blizj: