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Okay I don't know if you guys know a lot on lib or library's but they are basically the drag & drop functions of Game maker, you can add more libs to the original ones and can eventually have a super game maker, basically all they do is make existing features of game maker easier to use. This is an Easy to use Platform lib it features Simple moving, (left,right,up,down) Jumping, Ghost Platforms, One way Moving Platforms, (Vertical,Horizontal) Ladder use, Pushing Objects ,Super Mario Block, Ghost Trail, Motion Blur, Etc

Name: Platform Library

Download at: http://users.forthnet.gr/liv/hanizemenou/PlatformLib.zip

Zip file Contain: PlatformDemo.gm6 (I don't have gm7 anymore so I can't make a .gmk for you guys), Platform.lib, Readme.txt

Demo lets you see these features in action. (Press ENTER for next room)

Please read Readme.txt it helps some what

To use .libs put the .lib file in the Game Maker's Directory Libs folder. The new library will be loaded the next time you run Game Maker.
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Ah after trying to join about 50 times the It finally worked wow if only the game maker games here were less BASIC, but hey the rpg maker games are the best!

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Seems cool! I'll give it a try.

*EDIT: Very nice! but the moving platforms thing doesn't work for me.
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Can you fix your link? It gives me a 404 Error.
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