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Level 86
I found some nice images, but they are way too big to be put into the fight screen.
Each time I resize the image using ichar3.31 it gives it the image the white BG after I
resize it.I'm saving and opening the file as PNG but that still doesn't work.
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Does the window to set transparency and background come up? If so, then the image you have found does not have a completely set background color. It might appear white but there would be a million different colors that are close to it. That's what usually happens on google images and such.

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import the char with the importer in the RPG maker and select the background as the color to remove

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Ah, you mean that there aren't any transparency edit screen when you imported it so fragments of white appear in the battler, well you just need to edit the background into none using photoshop if you have one.
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Level 86
Thanks,got it working.