"Zero Tolerance"

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Fifth-graders in California who adorned their mortarboards with tiny toy plastic soldiers last week to support troops in Iraq were forced to cut off their miniature weapons. A Utah boy was suspended for giving his cousin a cold pill prescribed to both students. In Rhode Island, a kindergartner was suspended for bringing a plastic knife to school so he could cut cookies.

As somebody who was once suspended for using a non-threatening turn of phrase, I can attest that Zero Tolerance is stuuuuuuuuuuupid. They amount to nothing more than a license for authoritarian social workers to act like the strict Law & Order gestapo they wish they were. Of course it's hardly existant here, but what I hear of happening over in your america is sometimes quite hilarious.

Is there any kind of necessity for zero tolerance against guns? Shouldn't tolerance for guns be determined case-by-case, and not actually require Zero Tolerance? One would think that bringing an actual gun to school, and not a water gun, is an unforgiveable offense zero policy or no.

Were you or have you been affected by zero tolerance in your own schools? How fast should this be gotten rid of?

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I got suspended for two days for shaking a fist >_>

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That's not the only "zero tolerance" we have in America!


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I got suspended for two days for raping my teacher >_>

That was harsh, two days? =\

Hasn't effected me, I understand the thinking behind it, as in if they're tolerant with certain situations it could be seen as an excuse for children to assume they could get away with an offense, but it really doesn't work.

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Because I was a SUSPECT (on stupid grounds, really) of HACKING into the school computer system (ridiculous because a- who even wants to do that, b- I know nothing about computer) I am not allowed to use a computer without direct, faculty member supervision. :roll:
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I was not allowed to touch the computers at my school for a week because the teachers heard a rumor that I planted a virus on the system, which ironically was on the system.

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4 or 5 years back half my class got held in at lunch because someone had spit out the window of the bus and i came back in and hit someone (not me thank goodness), the half my principle held in? The boy half (sexist much?)
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I've never been suspended and only got detention for breaking silly rules like "come to class on time" and "don't talk shit to your teacher".

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"Dont tell your teacher homework is for pussies, and her time will come at the judgment of Gilgar"

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I have never been the victim nor the enforcer of zero tolerance.
Everything school where just great. ^_^

The does however mean that I do not understand how it feels to be subjected to zero tolerance.

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I wore a Suicide Machines shirt to school and had to turn it inside-out. Oh yeah, and I broke into my junior high when I was like 14. I got in a lot of trouble for that.

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i whistled and got sent home -_-
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