Resource Software Thread

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Resource Software Thread
Post all software for creating and editing resources, in this thread.

Also, no this thread isn't to clean out some sticky space by me merging topics with this thread. <_<
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I guess there already is a thread for, at least something like, GraphicsGale. However, here it is again, or for the first time, maybe. However, I got the idea when I saw that Final-Knight had made a topic (which is stickied now, btw) FaceMaker where he added a .zip file so you could get the program FaceMaker. I haven't been able to try it yet but I was gonna do that right after I made this topic.
 Whatsoever, FaceMaker isn't the software I'm supposed to talk about here, actually it is a program called GraphicsGale. It's free and a great software for spriting.

 -You can access the programs official site by clicking here where you can read about the software or start the download right away by clicking here, instead!
 -If you already downloaded GraphicsGale or the download process will take a bit time, you can always check this great tutorial (where, btw, the author uses GraphicsGale, too) by clicking here!

 ~Kesshomaru, have fun!
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