VB6 Applications

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Coding in visual basic 6.0 is mega easy. I just started using it today. I got hooked on it, within seconds. Well, I'm going to allow people to use my applications. Who knew VB 6.0 is so fun?

Score-Board Game: Nothing really special, it was just to try some ideas a certain tutorial taught me. It is basically a clicking game. You have 2 teams, the redskins and giants. You click the touchdown button beside them to give them a score. Their scores, after clicked, increase by an itneger of 6. In the file, i've proved the source code. The source code can be changed, for your needs.

More applications will come soon! Stick around....

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i use this too, though in school. Zypher has given me a download link but not sure if it works or not, so imah try mah projact.
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