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Is is possible to creat a rts with RPGmakerXP?

Real-time strategy, often abbreviated RTS, is a genre of computer games characterized by being wargames which take place in real-time, where resource gathering, base building, technology development and direct control over individual units are key components.

Real-time strategy titles do not involve "turns" like turn-based strategy video or board games (such as chess). Rather, game time progresses in "real time;" it is continuous rather than turn-by-turn, and all players may give orders to their troops at any time. While the word "strategy" originally referred to high-level war planning such as armies, campaigns, and entire wars, in real-time strategy games individual units or persons are given orders, so in more recent games it might be more appropriate to call it "tactics". Also integral to the gameplay of real-time strategy games are economic and production aspects, and though military confrontation is a significant part of real-time strategy gameplay, it is most often heavily stylized with relatively little emphasis placed on simulating real warfare.

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Somebody on .Org is doing it with events. But over 100 switches, 50 variables and a ton of common events. Or the other way round :P

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definitely possible. Scripts would be a lot easier than events, but yeah, you can with events as well. With scripts you could use a mouse though