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I think this will be of interest to everyone.

In this topic, I'll post editable examples that I find to be particularly useful from the Game Maker forums. I realize that yes, you can find them there, but the odds of finding a really good example are slim to none. The place is HUGE.  That said, I really don't feel bad at all about sharing these programs with you. Besides, if they don't like it being put up here they can join the forums and request it's removal personally. If you find anything that you think may be of interest, please send me a pm with a link to the topic you found it in, and I will take a look.

The first program is an example of how to create a motion blur effect, by Cynical.

This teaches you how to create an after image effect on your object's sprite, as well as text. However, in order to get the effect working on your sprites you'll need to register you copy of Game Maker. I don't know if this is compatible with earlier versions, so I would say you're gonna wanna use version 6.x and onward.


My only qualms with this are that it's difficult to change the way the effect works if you lack certain knowledge, and because of this the effect gets ugly in smaller rooms. Maybe if he had included directions for altering it a bit more...This is the help file included with the program, which can also be accessed by tapping the F1 key while the program is running:

Motion Blur Example
By Cynical (October 16, 2005)

What it does:

Shows how to make a "motion blur" effect on text or sprites.

This example can be used in any game for free without personal permission. Credit would be appreciated if used but this is not required.

Contact information:

  -Website: http://cynic.x10hosting.com (LINK DOWN)
  -Email: cynical825@gmail.com

On a sidenote: This program was created on my birthday. ;D
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    Today, we have a tutorial that Biohazard discovered. It's very easy to use, and very simply made, so it is very much of use to a beginner. It's a platformer example by FoxNL. The helpfile reads as follows:

FoxEngine 1.1 by Fox-NL! :D

- Controls -

just use the arrow keys, woow thats simple!

- Information -

This engine is a platform engine to show people how to make a platform!
All the code is commented and easy to understand (i hope :P)
Credit to me is always nice when you are going to use anything out of this engine.

- Updates -

1.1 - I updated the movement, its way better then before, but almost the same amount of code...

- Contact -
Msn/Email - wilcotje@gmail.com
GMC Username - Fox-NL

It's very useful, because it teaches how to use non-geometric shapes as platforms, as well as effectively changing a running/jumping graphic, how to jump through a platform, and how to make moving platforms. These are things that many designers WANT to do, but probably lack the expertise to do.

EDIT: I'm an idiot, I forgot to post the link! :hurr:

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What's this? Why, I do believe it is a homing missile example, by Legoman! This shows how to create an objct that will home in on the nearest instance of another object. Unfortunately, it does NOT teach how to rotate an image to face the direction it is moving in; you will need to find another example for that, perhaps I will post one of the kind next. The help file is as follows:

Made by Legoman
Use any part at your own free will, no credit is needed, but is appreciated (and honorable).
P.S. send money

Tap the spacebar in-game to fire a soccerball missile- it will home in on the nearest enemy object.

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Today's example is a Zelda Engine, done in the style of Zelda: A Link to the Past, by Miles Lombardi. Here is the link, and the help file's contents.


Miles Lombardi's Zelda Engine.

This Engine is designed for fools and n00bs who want to make their own zelda game but can't write the code.
But if you want to use it and you aren't a fool or a n00b go ahead.
But credit must go to the rightful owners:
Nintendo - for the Zelda sprites and the Zelda idea etc
Miles Lombardi - for writing the main engine that the other people didn't write
Yourself - for the tiny heart engine
TRW - for the zelda text engine.
Yoshi15 - for the yellow font
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This is an example by Micco. He does not ask for credit. This example will have you type ina series of letters and numbers, then press the enter key. When you type in your numbers, the screen doesn't show them until you press enter, prompting it to launch a text box. The text box reads back exactly what you typed in! There is no help file for this example.

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