[Demo Available] The Tales West: Wild West Action RPG [rm2k3]

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Level 87

ABOUT: Tales west is an action rpg made using rpgmaker2003. The game is set in the wild west, during the gold rush to be exact, circa 1865. The story chronicles the stranger, (you) and his quest for gold, justice, and revenge.

The Lawless Frontier...

Home to outlaws, wanderers, and vagabonds...

Following the civil war, folks from all over
the country came here seeking their fortune.

That fortune was gold, or the promise of it.
But a new breed of outlaw was flourishing,
striking fear into the hearts of decent
folks everywhere...

Known as "cow boys", these bandits owned
allegiance only to each other. No
man, woman, or child was safe from
their wrath...
Like a violent sandstorm, sweeping across the
great plains...

A worn stranger travels to Drywood, seeking
fortune of his own...

Story: 11%
Maps: 52%
Characters: 80%
Sound/Music: 96%
Overall: about 25% done
Demo coming 9/21/07

FEATURES: Day/Night System, Custom Menu, Cool graphics, Custom Battle System, Nonlinear, Good Music

Hot Air Balloon

Dueling- with an item called the Dueling Glove, you can challenge NPCs with an arrow over their heads to a duel for gold or items. This involves a randomly-generated timed button combination that can get tricky. See a screen of the first duel below. It only has 4 buttons, but they get harder.
Gold Panning- With the Gold Pan you can sift through rivers for gold.
Collecting Silver Stars- Hidden in treasure chests throughout the game world are silver stars. Something will happen when you reach 100... !!
Sniping- Protect president Abe Lincoln from being assassinated!
Bounty Hunting- Catch criminals and claim your reward.


You, the stranger: (default name: Wyatt) silent protagonist, veteran of the American Civil War (of the Union army).
Horse: (default name: silver) Your trusty steed.
Jose: A mexican native who becomes your ally.
Jimmy the Kid: a notorious outlaw, arrogant, merciless
Sheriff: The sheriff of Drywood. He doesn't like
strangers. Is drunk most of the time and is powerless to
stop the outlaws outside of Drywood's city limits.
Anabelle: Daughter of sheriff and ex-flame of stranger.
McClintock Boys: A gang of outlaws, sons of Pop's McClintock
Pop's McClintock: Head of the McClintock Boys
Abe "honest abe" Lincoln: President of the United States (Union States)
Alexander Grahamcracker- Inventor
Tommy Edison: Telegraph boy
Muchos Tacos: Head of the Mariachi Monsoon gang
Chief Runamuck: Head of the Indian Village
Raging Bull: An indian warrior
WarChief Running Duck-Weapon: Tommahawks, knife, arrow
Dirty Larry- Weapon: Dynamite Sticks, Pistol
Conductor Cornwallus- Weapon: Trains, Pistol
Nick (me): (allows you to change your name and your horse's name)


6 Shooter- Unlimited Ammo, but weak/semi-accurate.
Rifle- Very Accurate, but slow and weak.
Razor Hat- Damages enemies within vacinity
Shotgun- Powerful but inaccurate. Multiple bullet spread can take down multiple enemies at once
Gas Powered Flamethrower- Very powerful, limited area.

Feb '07:

Yeah I know, territories has an extra r in it. I've already fixed this  :P

Very early map that might not make it into the final game

*NEW* 9/6/07:

This is the desert area that was kinda sparse and open in the videos. I tried to make it look more organic/realistic.
You can spot an enemy in the lower right, and some hidden chests. The one in the upper right is actually pretty
hard to get to, but the reward is worth it  :shh:  :naughty:
*New 9/7/07*

Protect your money from thieves by depositing it in the bank.

A hidden area... :shh:

Now with 100% more shrubbery. The same map as the 9/6 screen. It's huge (300x300)!






Z= Talk/Shoot
X= Menu (CMS not in demo, sorry)
SHIFT= Strafe
1= Use Jerky
2= Use Antidote
3= Use Vintage Wine
8= Use Rope
9= See Map
0= Call horse

SAVING: Talk to a priest or save in the menu if you are at a town.

DYING:When you die you will return to the last town you visited with half of your gold. But, if you happen to
have a Medpack, you can be revived on the spot.

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pokeball :)OfflineMale
Level 95
looks pretty cool, some of mapping is sorta too open, but looks cool.
Watch out for: HaloOfTheSun

Level 88
I'm back :P
looks good, and original. your maps are well done. cant wait to see some more stuff. like perhaps a demo :P
also some more info about the story would be good ;)

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Level 93
Defender of Justice
id really enjoy a demo of this. I like the original setting and stuff. good luck to you

Level 88
Keep on Baggin'
the world needs more cowboys.  Nicely done!
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Level 90
I remember learning about the gold rush in year 6, I almost failed the test and daydreamed during all the videos.

Nice game, its a nice change of style.


Level 87
Still alive after 6 months...started working on it again :)
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I would love to see this game be finished, it looks completely awesome!  ;8 ;8 ;8 ;8
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from the infinite fields of dreamless sleep

pokeball QigOffline
Level 87
Saw this at gamingw. looks great
Working on world of sorrow again.

Level 97
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Good, I hope to see it completed. It looks good.

Level 87
I saw this at Phanx Games Forum

Level 87

Level 88
Keep on Baggin'
downloading now...

EDIT mmkay the intro is AWESOME.  You have a great ear for music and sound effects,
and I love the whole setup.  Feels like Tombstone or something epic.

A couple of things:  In the intro after the hero shoots up the train robbers, I couldn't progress,
because a body was in the way.  Or maybe I missed something?

I loaded a random save file and wandered out into the wilderness.  While I respect the amount of work
that went into the map, with all the events and bullets and whatever I did get some lag.  My computer isn't
terrible, it's utterly average, but overall I think it would be better for speed and navigation to split the map
into quadrants or something.

Also, the area where you exit the motel could use some pizazz.  other than that, looks great!  :)
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Level 87
The reason why you lag in wild is you need a horse i just found that out
Oh by the way Awsome game there Nick

Level 87
oh, thanks Teabag. Ya I realized that bug, fixed it, and reuploaded. So theres a new download link.
You're right about the quadrants- this would have made things ALOT easier on my part.
I'm going to have to do that for the full version. There's also alot of empty area that isn't seen by
the player, and way too many events.
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Level 87
Oh so it is lag i dont lag when im on my hourse?

Level 87
I don't understand what you're asking, or if that's even a question. But yes, there's less lag with the horse for some reason. Sorry about the lag, the maps have way too many events. I'm going to divide those large maps into smaller ones for the final version of the game.