[XP] Pig Puzzles - An experiment

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[SIZE=8]Pig Puzzles[/SIZE]
By Zeriab - Version 1.0

The event system Pig Puzzles has been made by Zeriab.
The event system plus this topic has been made as an experiment directed at eventers. (There are no instructions for example)
You can still use it in your games. I would recommend having your eventer take a look at it anyway.
Thanks goes to RMXP for making this possible.
Credits should be given.

The purpose in Pig Puzzles is to guide the lost pig into the closure made for it.
The pig will continuously repeat the few instructions given to it. (Different per level)

In the system provided there are 4 different instructions you can give the pig, which basically is which of the ways the pig should move.
That’s basically all there is to the game.

Note that I haven’t used much energy on the mapping, so try to look away from it.

You can easily add more instructions by increasing the base and add more pages to the pig.
You could also use the principle of this system for other purposes.

Just look in the game and read the comments.
I hope they will be sufficient.


[SIZE=8]Event System[/SIZE]

You should be able to download the event system from at least one of the links bellow


None yet


As you'll probably notice this system is not perfect.
If you are an eventer you could try to solve some of the issues. Just use this section in any way you want. If you use it I hope you will learn from the experience. ;)
Note: I have not thought about the difficulty level of the problems, so don't be surprised if it vary a lot. (When you find errors you usually don't find them in order of how difficult they are to solve)

If you reset while the pig is moving you will notice the pig sometimes move after the reset.
Fix the issue
I can tell you there exist a simple fix. This does not necessarily mean it is easy though. Good luck ;)

When you enter the digits you use digit 0 to exit. I.e. you cannot enter 0 as an instruction.
In the system provided there are 4 instructions (1,2,3,4) yet they need a base of 5 because 0 has to be included.
The instruction 0 has complications the other instructions have not, which is why it cannot be directly implemented.
Make it possible to include the 0 instruction where it behaves in the same way as the other digits.
It might be a good idea to store the instructions with more than 1 variable.

The way you enter the instructions are present in the event you trigger. As there are more levels there are dublicates of the instructions.
Why have dublicates if you just can have a common event.
Make an common event that does the job and can be called where ever

You can see how users of the system can change the show messages in the top of the event.
Let's say the user wants the text to be different from one event to another.
How would you solve that?
Would you go back to the original setting and copy the NPC with a full instruction set and not just a call to a common event or will you make several common events where you just alter the text in them?
Well... It could be the user wants every NPC to say something different, or perhaps the user wants groups of NPCs where each group says something different and every NPC in a group say the same thing.
Is your answer to the previous question the same in both situations?

Here's a thought. You know the engine part? The part where calculations are done, the part below the warning comment.
What if you wanted to split the event so the engine part was present in the common event and the user-editable part was in the NPC. How would you do it?
Try to think about these questions:
  • Can it be done?
  • How much should be put in the common event part and how much should be put in the NPC? I.e. how should the work be distributed?
  • How should the communication between NPC event and common event be established?
  • How complex will the solution be?
  • How much is gained versus the amount of extra work and code?
  • Is it worth the trouble?
There is no reason wasting your time on a super complex solution if it is better you kept the old version and didn't do anything at all.

There is basically just 2 issues and something to think about in this section.
There might be other issues lurking around in the system. How would you go about finding unknown issues. In fact you don't even know if there is any issues or not.
Develop strategy for finding issues

At least thinking about it would help. You can never be sure there aren't any issues left, but you can try to limit the amount of issues. (Note the word 'try')
Also be aware that it is possible not finding any issues.
This is more something for you and hopefully you will be able to create better event systems.
I am going to leave this open and just event with:
Don't make the conclusion: "I found no issues, therefore there are no issues"

Credits and Thanks

I would like to thank everyone using their time to try and use Pig Puzzles.
I would like to thank everyone reading this topic.

Author's Notes

I am certain I can make this thread better, so if there are anything you find confusing, bad or good. Please do help me by telling me this.
If you find something to be confusing I can try to clarify it.
If you find something to be bad I can try to make it better.
If you find something to be good I can let it stay. (Think if I removed something good)
That is why I want you comments, that and because they make me happy ^_^

Oh, and finally: ENJOY!
 - Zeriab
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Someone's taking many many precautions to links eh?

Looks interesting. That's a nice idea though. :D
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Good game idea...I think ill use it in my next game...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

P.S. good job providing enough download links,
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This looks interesting.

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Thanks for the comments.

I do hope there's enough upload links XD
Actually I think I will also add the system as an attachment

Btw. do tell if you have any problems. Well do tell me if you have anything relevant about this system to say.

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Lol, first I read "Big Puzzles". It's cool. And ROFL at the number of places to download from.
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I went ALL IN on the ways to download the demo.
Each link will experience little traffic so it's quite likely many of them will fail simple because I have made too many. A bit ironic.
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Sweet this looks cool.

ok to solve the traffic:
IF you are downloading this on a sunday use links 1-3
Tuesday 4-6...lol jk.
Watch out for: HaloOfTheSun