I'm planning on making a Naruto game (dw) And I need resources

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I'm planning on making a Naruto RPG game for XP (don't worry it will be good) but I need a lot of resources

I have some XP charactersets but I need

-All important characters down (on the floor)
-Character Poses
-Naruto with black shirt (otherwords without his jacket)
-15 year old Naruto in Nine Tail fox form
-15 year old Sasuke (with and without sword)
-Random people with chunin or Jonin jackets
-Kiba's dog (I can't remeber his name at the moment)
-Haku without mask
-Haku in pink clothes
-Kankurou with puppet on back
-Kankurou's puppet
-Rock Lee
-Lee Seventh CHamber open
-Neji without headband
-Hagane Kotetsu
-Kamizuki Izumo
-Ningame (King Turtle)
-Mitarashi Anko (2nd Exam teacher)
-Oboro, Mubi, & Kagari (the guys with the breathing tubes)
-Grass-nin (orochimaru's first form)
-Akadou Yoroi (the guy that was draining Saskue's energy in the first round)
-Kidoumaru, Sakon, Tayuya, & Jiroubou
-Pakkun (Kakashi's message dog)
-The Hokages

-Romen Noodles (different bowl colors please)
-Ninja Knife and stars (I can't remember the names of them)

-Hidden Leaf Village

-Hidden Leaf Village
-Different villages that would look Naruto like