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Alright so Infinite Frontier is gonna be a big game. And when I mean big, I mean frickin big.

Pet System - Raise your pets, feed them, and watch them turn into beasts. Then use them to fight.
Romance System - Find love around, and reap the rewards.
Anime Scenes - I got a friend who is doing anime pics of some of the cutscenes. Make it a little more intresting.
Jailing System- Once you get a base set up, you will be able to clean up the streets. Get rid of the scum.

(Positions Required for these fields)
Features I need:
Day/Night system - I want to use the Dynamic Day and night system.
Card system - My buddy is gonna draw intense pics of the charsets I got, but I need a script for it.
Mini Games - Add some spice...

char/chip set designers

Main Characters:

Rez has been living in Karkan all his life, and he dosn't do much. He makes his way of living by working with his parents friend Bates. Doing little jobs here and there everyday has grown tiresome. Now Rez wants to explore Karkan Hills and do more intresting thins. But what he finds, might be a little to much...

Sarah has been Rez's friend for years. She helped him coap with his parents death, and she to needs to do something new. She embarks on the little adventure with Rez. But will she be able to handle it?

Valin has been jailed by a unknown group, for unknown reasons. He also has reason to believe that this group has captured his sister. He joins Rez and Sarah for the whole story, and to find his sister...

Dread has done some things he might not be to proud of, part of this unknown group. But joining the group, he will take it all back.... as the story unfolds.


In the little Village of karkan, lives two friends; Rez and Sarah. They have been working a little, just to make ends meat. But now they yearn for more. One day while exploring Karkan Hills they see a couple of unknown men walking into a cave after talking for a bit. Being the curious children they are, they decide to follow. But what they see and what happens.... I cant say. You have to find out.

Map types:
The maps areas are big. And theres a lot to do while exploring these maps. And you never know but you might run into some heafty rewards.

There are gonna be a lot of side quests slapped around, and some of them will enhance the story teaching you more about certain characters, and maby even finding new ones. They will also throw rewards out like secret weapons and summons. And you could maby find a secret area or two.

Anime Scenes- Little shorts of anime pictures that will enhance cutscenes.

Find a egg, raise it for a bit, it hatches, feed the little monster food, and depending on the food they eat, they will evolve into something else. Simple. Then there are certain areas, they only certain monsters can enter. Example: Theres a cave out of reach, only a bird type monster can enter. Theres a undergound passage way, but theres so much heat that you could die, only a fire monster can enter there.

Secret... more to come.

Day/Night System- Some things will happen at night that wont in the day. And vice versa. Thinking about making certain shops close at night. While backally shops open at night.

Card game- Buy, Find, whatever cards. And then go into card battles.

(Lot more. But to tired to explain)
Hope some of you can help! Thank for readin'

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