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Projects / Re: Monster World RPG - The full game is ready!
« Last post by Monster World RPG on September 27, 2018, 06:38:26 PM »

Since many asked after the last journal entries, here’s a complete list of the new features of the soon to be released new version of the game.

Some word were hidden by * in order to avoid spoiler for people who already ahve to play the game (who had already played i twill easily guess which are the hidden words):
- some custom menus were clunky by not allowing the player to move easily from their respective last entry to the first one or to exit automatically from them unless returning the cursor to their top while now it's possible to move easily and directly between the first and the last and also to exit the menu screen by pressing a cancel key;
- there was a now-fixed big bug concerning in some cases the permanent condition of certain party members not gaining their respective new skills by leveling up;
- you can now switch between g****, g**** and s***** without needing to remove the currently equipped one first;
- healing places/spots now heals even the members out of the active party;
- S****'s trick (skill) "P*****" is now more balanced by costing less MP (Magic Points) than before to be performed;
- some new NPCs are now added in order to give the player hints or guidance into solving some quests involving the search of items/characters or how to pass through certain parts of the game;
- other new NPCs are also added in order to give the player some more details about the story as an extra-feature or simply for cameos purpouse;
- in certain mini-games the graphics were changed and/or the speed was decreased in order to make them easier on the eyes;
- the time limit to complete certain mini-games (the ones which has revealed to be too difficult) is now increased;
- mini-games that required the use of the SHIFT key now use ESC instead to avoid keyboard involuntary misuse issues;
- the countdown background music during the "J**-K**-P* Tournament" is now shortened for taking too much time before completing each match;
- some of the puzzles mechanisms were simplified or more hints are given to solve them;
- some map "traps" were simplified;
- some paths which were unecessary long (sometimes even with dead ends) were shortened;
- just before some "jump & run" sections inside dungeons, new save points were added;
- new reminders to save before attempting areas with chances of sudden "Game Over" were added;
- now there's even an Item Shop inside of the A*** C******m;
- breakable accessories (equipment) now tells how long they last in their description;
- some items which didn’t work like their description advertised now do;
- a gameplay feature called "GP T****s", differently than before, now allows to choose how much to deposit or take;
- when getting extra GP after battles from special equipped items, the game doesn’t stop anymore to display a special message;
- one of the last special weapons you can obtain is not so overpowered as it was before;
- several smaller bugs were fixed, especially in the second half of the game.

Other than this new features, the game will be available for download along with other resources file and a read me with a troubleshootin section which will help people who encounter minor problems in making the game works on their home computer.

Who will downoad the extra “deluxe version” will also get:
- Art Gallery;
- Demos;
- Icons;
- OST;
- Packages;
- Pixel Art;
- Videos;
- WonderBoy - The Sword of Legend (complete game).

All for FREE!!! ;)

This is the last journal entry before the release, so there will be a little periodo of silence in order to proprely complete the “upgrade” and proprely upload and announce the game.
Until then, farewell!!!
Projects / Re: Monster World RPG - The full game is ready!
« Last post by Monster World RPG on September 22, 2018, 01:14:53 PM »
An updated version is soon to be released within october and november.
This new version will contain many bug fix and improvements thanks to the numerous feedback we received from players.
Here's a short list of the imprvements:
- improved custom menus;
- improved and faster genes, gears and spells menu;
- new NPCs added in order to give the player some hints;
- mini-games and puzzle simplified when they were too difficult;
- removed some dead end or other unuseful stuff;
- general bug fix;
- other improvements which wil be completey listed in a what's new document along with the new release

There are eleven journal entry about the new release in the game facebook official page which contain even more information and screenshots.

When the new version will be ready this post will be updated for you all.
VX Scripts Database / Re: Run Common Event When Equipping an Item
« Last post by D&P3 on August 18, 2018, 08:14:23 PM »
Hi there, don't mind me. I'm no longer an active user (3 years away and counting) but did a google search of my username and came across this thread.
My website that I used to host all of my scripts on is no longer active either. However in case you were still looking or interested, you can find all of my scripts available on pastebin.

General Chat / Re: Is it over?
« Last post by &&&&&&&&&&&&& on July 27, 2018, 11:50:11 PM »
General Chat / Re: Is it over?
« Last post by bluntsword on July 27, 2018, 06:02:53 PM »
VXA Scripts Database / Re: [VXA] Earthbound-Ish Battle System
« Last post by Widen612 on July 18, 2018, 03:43:26 AM »
he/she still working on this script fix some bug or so so, btw love script on rpg maker vx version
Projects / Re: [VXA] Geiken
« Last post by Orgaya38 on July 16, 2018, 11:31:43 PM »
Updated to v3.2.


- The player now has the ability to change the game's resolution by pressing F6. Pressing F5 will toggle fullscreen.
- Pathways to major areas have been added to the Kinis Highlands.
- General bugfixes.
Creativity / Re: [Music] Meku's Songies
« Last post by Mekuso on July 09, 2018, 07:11:24 AM »
hey hi hello!!

amen break bump

General Chat / Re: Is it over?
« Last post by Widen612 on July 09, 2018, 02:25:50 AM »
i still use this website, this only website have Rpg maker VX
Projects in Progress / Retired Hero - Reworking
« Last post by sipsop on June 19, 2018, 10:56:48 PM »
Hello comunity!

Some years ago i quit the game making scene, recently i had to change PC and discovered on my old hard drive some unfinished games (TONS of) those projects that took hours and month of work dismised and trashed like garbage, so i decided to check on them and see if there is enough documentation on their respective folders to working on them again and FINISH THEM!
And yes!! There is the documentation and primary files, graphic templates and everything needed, so i started the laborious proccess of selecting one of them (i love almost anyone of them).
It was a hard work but the winner is a project that i presented here for a contest...

Retired Hero

Made using RpgMaker XP


It's a sim/RPG/date/evo game based on medieval era.

Clasification: E - Everyone (normal versión) M - Mature (+18 version, contains nudity and suggestive themes)

You are the classic hero that defeats the Ancient Boss Monster, by chance, because you are not really that amazing.
Anyway, when that monster is defeated all evil monsters in the world dissapeared, so, you don't have a job anymore.
An old man decides to help you by giving the chance to get a castle, wich you should rebuild and make the village growth again.

It's a generic level 1 hero, defeats the Ancient Boss Monster by chance and becomes famous, but poor. Now he is on charge of a new quest, the quest of his life. He should live like a new noble and find the way to get fame, money, fun and perhaps, love.

Enemy: Your main enemy is time, because you have a limited amount to fullfill the castle rebuilt and get a girl (if you want).

Engines and systems:
Town and castle progression
Day/night system
Weather and seasons.
Relationship systems and events accordly.
Skill leveling system
Random dungeons
Semi Random quests and missions
NON RTP Graphics or UI

Team: None, one man alone project.
Graphics, scripts, engines, systems, writting, and whatever else: Sipsop (Alias for hentai: Radge).

Kevin Mc Leod. (of course)


Cris crisis:

Somewhere on town:

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