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Title: [XP] Custom HUD Images
Post by: bethesdacam92 on July 16, 2017, 03:25:41 AM

<<I am working on a game called Dead End, in the RMXP game creation engine. Please view the project forum here:
What I am looking for is a solution to creating a custom HUD. The HUD is simple, and simply shows the image of the player character, and three hearts to display HP. I need help implementing this HUD into my game.
What I want is a HUD similar to the game Dreaming Mary view topic here (>>

Features Desired
Basically, the HUD is simply a picture of Mary, and four flower petals beneath the window frame. Whenever a character tells Mary they will do something for her in exchange for one of her flower petals, the flower petal disappears. I am working on something similar in Dead End, where whenever a particular event occurs, the player character may lose one of their hearts.
I need help implementing a system like this. Does it even require scripting? Can I do something of this nature through eventing and show picture command? PLEASE HELP!

<<( (>>

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