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Title: Is there a user with angel spire forum ID among rmrk users?
Post by: mermet on March 25, 2017, 05:48:45 AM
I can't login because I don't have the angel spire forum ID. It's more like the loading image from the security confirmation code is blocking me from logging in.

I know that a message isn't a proper way to ask for help but if possible-I'm really desperate-can someone please help me out? Although I might get kicked out of rmrk...

I tried hard to get those tile sets but now they're deleted so I can't get them again. I feel so hopeless right now. If you can help me out I would really appreciate if you could send a message or an email to Deathlock ( .

Deathlock is still active on this forum so try asking if DL's Tileset Edit ( is still there and if it is, if that could be sent to Please let me know what he replies back.