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Title: RGSS3 -> RGSS2: Zalerinian's Keyboard Manager [VX]
Post by: narabuster on August 14, 2015, 04:24:57 PM
Hi everyone. I'm making a game using RMVX and I've set specific controls for that game. Unfortunately, when I playtest my game on another computer, the controls for my game reset back to the default RMVX controls.

Here is the rundown for the controls I want for my game:


Request:There is a script that fulfills just what I need- making static keybindings so that the controls for your game can be the same for every player of your game. That is Zalerinian's Keyboard Manager, which can be found here:

The script is in RGSS3, which means it won't work with RMVX (and yes, I have tested it). Soif someone can convert the script into RGSS2, that would be great!

Any help is appreciated.  :)