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Title: [MAY 2015] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: Acolyte on June 07, 2015, 12:24:02 AM

- RMRK Monthly Spotlight -
MAY 2015

Welcome to the (somewhat belated, sorry ._.) fourth RMRK Monthly Spotlight! Just as the title suggests, there is a spotlight that will come monthly, operated by our very own machine-certified (not really but ok) moderators. Each month, we will cast the beaming and glorious spotlight upon very deserving, unsung heroes. The spotlight is going to have three general sections: 1. Great Contributions & Resources, 2. Games You Really Should Play, 3. Heroes of the Month. *Please note that all three categories may not be present each month, depending on forum activity.

Without further ado, let's do this.

Great Contributions & Resources
*Anything related to resources (scripts, graphics, music, etc) to be used in games or other media, as well as contributions that are made for fun and enjoyed by the community.

DoubleX's VXA Scripts (http://)
by DoubleX (http://)
This guy is cranking out scripts faster than I can even keep track of! I definitely suggest going on over to the VXA Script database ( and checking out his stuff. He has an impressive array of scripting utilities as well as compatibility patches to use with other popular scripts.

Lenneth CMS, Inventory System and Equipment System (
by Soulpour777 (;u=28990), Blackmorning, and Yanfly
A rework of Hanzo Kimura's popular VX system, this Custom Inventory and Equipment System for Ace will give your game menu a unique and polished feel.

Games You Really Should Play
*See your game here? Be proud! This is our way of showing off your hours of hard work that blossomed into the beautiful project you have today! As for everyone else: Play that game!

by Irock (;u=2697)
Our resident Stencyl developer is at it again with his entry for the 5 minute jam! Destroy the evil electric space moon before it bashes you to mega-pieces!

by jetpackgone  (
The game that everyone's been excited for since its debut has now been greenlit on steam! With beautiful pixel art and an intriguing story, this is one game you definitely won't want to miss!

by Strak (;u=9781)
Long time RMRKer Strak has finally finished his VX opus! Immerse yourself in a full-fleged 20 hour old-school RPG, complete with exciting turn-based combat and several areas to explore.

Heroes of the Month
*Here, we'll recognize specific members for any other contributions, assistance, or general awesomness that they kindly share with the rest of us internet peoples.

Strike Reyhi (http://)
It's no secret that RMRK has been dropping off in terms of activity lately, despite our best efforts to breathe life back into the forums. Many of us had given up hope of ever regaining the former size of our community. But lo, like William Wallace rallying the Scots to fight for their beloved homeland, Strike rallied us to resuscitate RMRK, and I mean, RMRK's kind of like our homeland, right? Well, regardless, he was the main force behind the reorganization of the boards.

Irock (http://)
Another driving force behind the RMRK restoration project, Irock jumped back into the mod saddle even after voluntarily stepping down. He tends to rub newer people the wrong way due to his sometimes bizarre sense of humor, but we all know that deep down, he's the heart of RMRK. Or maybe the gallbladder, or something. Either way, he's important, and we'd probably die without him maybe.

Yuyubabe (http://)
Where would we be without our glorious babe-tastic leader? The third member of the restoration triforce, her divine admin powers were integral to providing us with the necessary tools for forum maintenance. She's also very nice and pretty and a good friend.  :yuyu:

*disclaimer: okay, this hero of the month was sorta mod-centric. I promise we won't do this in the future, but I felt the need to highlight the key players in getting RMRK back up and running. In a way, they really are heroes of RMRK, and they deserve a pat on the back.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Signups for Game in a Week XIV: The Genre Grinder's Revenge ( are now open! I encourage everyone to sign up, regardless of skill level. It's a great learning experience, and a lot of fun too!

See you all next month! In the meantime, please do not cease being awesome.

See any resources, games or people that you think deserve to bask in the glorious spotlight? Please post here and let us know!
Title: Re: [MAY 2015] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: yuyu! on June 07, 2015, 01:21:02 AM
yay! :D Sorry I missed posting this one. Glad we're keeping this rolling, even if slightly delayed

(sorry again ;9)
Title: Re: [MAY 2015] RMRK Monthly Spotlight
Post by: yuyu! on June 07, 2015, 01:21:54 AM
also thanks for the hero status ;______; <333