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Title: Gamers Archive
Post by: PhoenixFire on June 06, 2014, 01:42:23 AM
So, I have come across a TON of dead links, broken downloads, and other such disappointing situations over the past several years whilst traversing this site, Chaos Project, HomeBrew, etc. and I've decided to start up a small, not too over-advertised (at least not for a bit) file-server / archive style site. My offer is free file hosting for projects, files, etc for just about anyone that's wants it. This is kind pf similar to the idea that GG had a while black with Cybele, but not nearly as elaborate or attractive looking.

Would anyone be interested in using this as well? If not, that's okay, I still plan to use it myself, but I figure why not share the wealth! This place has been a huge help to me over the years, so I'm trying to pay it forward in a way :)

The URL (when it becomes active) is (

EDIT: If you think you would make use of this, and already know things that you would like to see on it, place a link to them somewhere on this thread  ;D Please be kind though.. If you're listing something that's not yours, make sure it's either a "dead profile" (member is definitely inactive) or it says that the script is completely free to use and distribute, etc. I'll obviously be checking them all too, but it helps me a little if I don't have to yell at you for not following the rules :3
Title: Re: Gamers Archive
Post by: IAMFORTE on June 06, 2014, 11:37:50 AM
Thats a really good idea Phoenix :D